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Are You Giving Lesser Acclaimed Films the Respect They Deserve?

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Watching a movie is an experience. You pay for a ticket, sit in front of a huge cinema screen with popcorn and drinks, and expect to be entertained. So, when a film doesn’t meet your expectations, it can feel as if you have been duped.

To say you haven’t given them the respect they deserve might sound a little facetious because you invested your resources and got nothing in return. However, there are areas of lesser critically acclaimed movies that go under the radar that could change your opinion regarding their effect on popular culture.

The Impact Across Different Platforms  

Just because you didn’t enjoy a movie release or TV show in its original form doesn’t mean every version on every platform will result in the same sensation. For lots of people, a new genre can add a lease of life to a title that makes it incredibly fun and entertaining, and no industry reflects this better than the gaming and iGaming sectors.

Both use Hollywood and TV themes throughout their libraries to appeal to a wide range of customers. Video game-wise, it’s easy to point to the likes of superhero films to highlight the point. While Marvel’s productions were met with positive reviews, DC Comics was a different story. Regardless, the likes of Batman and Superman video games sell extremely well, thanks in part to the dimension provided by gaming markets. Its cousin, iGaming, is the same because the most in-demand games within their libraries are reflections of popular movies and TV series, with bingo being the best example.

The latest editions of the game leverage these themes to heighten the player experience, with bingo slots including the likes of Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Video Slot and Deal or No Deal Golden Game for this very reason. Good or bad, the experience would be less enjoyable if there wasn’t a range of movies from which to take inspiration.

Behind the Curtain  

One reason why it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover is that you never know what went on behind the scenes. Yes, investing time and money into a movie means you have delved deeper than the trailer, but it doesn’t mean that your initial emotional reaction is thorough. After all, nobody makes out to create entertainment that is universally disliked.

Aside from the apparent financial repercussions, actors and directors can drag their names through the mud since films can be forever remembered for the wrong reasons. Plus, the issues are regularly out of the control of the people whose names appear in the credits, which is why it’s wrong to make a rash judgment.

The Hobbit production is a fantastic example as not many people know that Peter Jackson signed up to the project late and took over from Guillermo del Toro. As a result, he went into The Hobbit without storyboards and a strong script, forcing the New Zealand director to take risks that didn’t appear to pay off initially.

Constructive Criticism  

Although reviews don’t always toe the line of providing constructive feedback – some are downright nasty – the majority are supposed to offer unbiased insight into the final result. This isn’t only essential for spectators who want to avoid wasting their time, but industry members who aim to be better.

When a film is critiqued publicly, it means that the odds of the people involved making a movie of the same quality again are low. Lists can be that influential in many respects. Unfortunately, the rise of streaming platforms is making the process less common because flops can be buried in Netflix’s maze of content.

Source: Unsplash

As a result, there’s no encouragement for artists to up their game and return with a hit. In short, lesser acclaimed movie releases are shining lights for the rest of the industry, especially when the likes of the Golden Raspberry Awards showcase them in all their glory.

Now that you understand the value of content that isn’t as popular with fans and critics, is there a chance you’ll view these titles differently in the long term.


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