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Neill Blomkamp is working on a District 10 screenplay

My favourite Neill Blomkamp movie is 2009’s District 9 and, like many of you, I have longed for a sequel (I even talked about what I thought could happen in an episode of After The Ending, which you can listen to here).

Looks like things are finally moving forward as Blomkamp has shared the news that he is working on a screenplay with Sharlto Copley and Terri Tatchechell for District 10.

It is still very early days, so there are no plot details at the moment, but it is exciting to hear that they are working on it.

Copley had the main role in the original film, which made $211 million worldwide, the largest-ever for a South African film. The film also had four Academy Award nominations, including best picture and original screenplay for Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell.

What would you like to see happen to Wikus and Christopher in the sequel.

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