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Michael Diaz Jr Miami’s Cobra Kai Season 4 Predictions

Miguel (Michael) Diaz Jr is a Miami character who’s 18-year-old character in the Netflix hit series Cobra Kai. Miguel Diaz Jr. goes through a serious transformation during the 3 seasons of this show. He ended on a high note at the conclusion of the third season. He decided to trust Sensei Johnny Lawrence again after Lawrence assisted with a seemingly impossible recovery from damage to his nerves and legs due to a fight with the Cobra Kai dojo.

Read on to learn our predictions on what’s next to come for this strong, determined martial arts star from Miami Michael Diaz Jr of Cobra Kai and the other characters of this top notch comedy/drama series.


Love Triangle

We got to see this a bit throughout the other seasons, but will Miguel, Samantha, and Robby continue with the course they’ve been on? This parallels the love triangle in the first Karate Kid movie between Daniel, Ali, and Johnny. It seems only natural that the writers would want to appeal to fans of the films with more of this.

Robby doesn’t seem to be an aggressor of the situation, but we see him reacting when he catches Miguel and Samantha together. Will this fuel his battle against Eagle Fang and Miyago-Do at the competition?


Prediction Michael Diaz Doing an Episode of Cobra Kai in Miami While Joining Forces with Past “Enemies”

Don’t you just love how the two teams joined together at the end of the season? Daniel and Johnny put their past quarrels and competitive nature aside for a common goal – to train their students together and work towards beating Cobra Kai at the All Valley tournament. How far will they be able to take this? Will they be able to continue to aid one another in this effort and bring down Sensei Kreese? Will Kreese actually shut down his dojo if Cobra Kai loses like he promised he would?

One thing is for certain: there will be some butting heads over training philosophy and teenage hormones. After all, many of the members of this newly-formed team were antagonizing each other just before they decided to combine dojos.

We’ll have to wait and find out.

“Stuck in the Past” Humor

Johnny Lawrence clearly is still stuck in the 1980s. There are several jokes and entertaining moments in the show that depict just this. Will he continue to drive “classic” cars, fumble with cell phones, and struggle with how to use social media? I think it’s become one of those iconic marks of this character and we’ll watch him make several faux pas due to his misunderstanding of trends and what his students are saying and doing. Michael Diaz Jr Cobra Kai had to teach him about Facebook and what sushi is, after all.


Villains Abound

We’re likely to encounter a new “villain” in season 4 based on the phone call Kreese makes near the end of season 3 who’s father is an attorney at a nearby law firm. We may see Terry Silver of Karate Kid III make an appearance based on the flashbacks to Kreese’s military days, where we find out the two have a connection. It will be interesting if the writers decide to give this nod to Karate Kid III, which hasn’t really happened yet.

Do you agree with the Cobra Kai season 4 predictions for Miguel Diaz Junior? Regardless of what happens, it’s sure to be a wild ride that long-time and new fans alike will enjoy.