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The Best & The Worst James Bond Gadgets

James Bond is known for having a wealth of unique gadgets at his disposal. While these exciting tools make his movies the talk of the day, some of them leave viewers with unanswered questions. Most of the Bond films are memorable for their thrilling scenes rather than the sum of their parts. Either way, we all know that the legend will use a vast range of innovative gadgets to get out of a pinch.

Indeed, most of the thrilling action scenes in James Bond films feature some pretty amazing tech and memorable firearms. The excellent application of gadgets makes the films very engaging. However, not all of the gadgets used are exciting. Actually, some of them are so bad and they leave you wondering what you just watched. Here are some of the best and worst James Bond gadgets.


The best gadgets

  • Cloaking BMW – Bond films feature a variety of high-end cars. The cars are often customized with special Q’s gadgetry extensions like parachutes to serve different purposes. One such car is the cloaking BMW that features in the film Die Another Day. The BMW includes a sophisticated technology that makes it useful in the movie. Whether it’s travelling around the world, playing card games at a casino, there are many reasons why some people might want to learn how to live like 007 and owning classic cars is probably one of them.
  • Laser wristwatch – As Bond tussles with the crime syndicate in the Goldeneye film, his laser wristwatch comes in handy in bringing them down. The watch looks sleek and comes with a unique laser concentration and a remote detonator. The beam is so powerful it can cut through almost anything.
  • Ericsson JB988 phone – The exciting scenes of Tomorrow Never Dies includes a cool Ericsson JB988 mobile phone with some unusual features. Some of the gadget’s traits include disarming electric locks, hacking through devices with fingerprint ID and last but not least, remotely driving Bond’s BMW with just a touchpad. The super handy gadget pulls very exciting scenes in the film which includes a car chase.
  • Submarine car – In the franchise, there have been many cool cars featured in James Bond films over the years with many classic Aston Martins. The iconic Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, features epic scenes thanks to the excellent gadgets like the submarine car. This exciting gadget makes the film very interesting and memorable to many. The gadget incorporates excellent technological features making it possible to get over through unimaginable parts.
  • Personnel briefcase – From Russia With Love features a handy personnel briefcase that comes as a perfect toolkit. Unfortunately, this super useful gadget has not been recently featured in another film. The case contains secret compartments and is loaded with a rifle. The briefcase is by itself a weapon as it has a tear gas unit on the side and detonates in case the wrong person opens it.


The worst gadgets

  • Fake crocodile – The fake crocodile in the Octopussy film leaves us wondering if it is meant to help or bring more tussles. The prop is meant to help James get to his target unnoticeable and is just a submersible with a fake crocodile head on top.
  • Fake nipple – The usual complex technology device is reduced to a prosthetic nipple in the film The Man With The Golden Gun. The nipple is meant to help Bond deceive his foes as an undercover agent. The lame fake nipple gadgets leave some of us asking wouldn’t they have pulled something else from their endless gadgets?
  • Pocket snap trap – In Diamonds Are Forever, Bond is given a pocket snap trap to face armed foes. Ideally, the gadget is used to pull off a cruel prank or a deterrence for street occupants to scare away thieves. Knowing what it’s meant for, how and why was this gadget given to a special agent to aid as he approaches his enemies?
  • Laser polaroid camera –Bond is known to feature excellent gadgets and also some of the most memorable gun replicas from movies are from 007 films and many others. However, the film License To Kill is not so memorable, especially with the laser polaroid camera gadget being one of Bond’s poorly chosen gadgets. On their own polaroid cameras were pretty neat little gadgets at the time, but a built-in laser for 007 might just have been a step too far.
  • Phone Booth trap – First, the gag was not used in the Goldeneye film. However, how would the gadget be used especially since it’s practically impossible? Either a phone both was rigged or they built a fake one designed with a big airbag intended to squeeze the unsuspicious victim. This technique seems to be a weird way to take down an enemy especially since it’s uncertain that they will get to the booth.