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Cool Short: David starring Will Ferrell and William Jackson Harper

Zach Woods’ (The Office, Silicon Valley) new short film, stars Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper (The Good Place) and Fred Hechinger (News of the World).

A therapist gets a troubling phone call from his client David, who is in the throes of serious depression. Hitting a crisis point and thinking about ending it all, David comes into the office for an emergency therapy session.

But that session is soon interrupted by the therapist’s son, who is agitated that his dad is missing his first wrestling meet. The therapist attempts to handle the situation in a calm, professional way, but as work and family life collide, the session reveals a tangled mess of intersecting needs that demand immediate attention.

Written and directed by actor Zach Woods of “The Office” and “Silicon Valley” from a script co-written with Brandon Gardner.

Source: Omeleto

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