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Top 10 Casino Films and Comics Slots

Casinos have completely revolutionized in recent years to provide innovations like online casino platforms that allows gamers to gamble on the go. However, to be able to enjoy the thrill, excitement, fun and relaxation that a casino offers, you must learn the game well and develop the right strategy. However, online casinos like King Billy allow novices in the casino world to learn the game adequately by offering them free games with guides which are of good help to them. 

Nevertheless, to have a good idea of how a casino works just in case you want to go beyond the customer zone to the point where you wish to open your own casino, some films and comics produced in recent years will be of great help to you as it tells stories of some of the operations of casinos and how they are setup to function. Also, some of the casino games we enjoy are made with the themes of our favorite comic book and these innovations help to build a better connection between you and the casino. However, if you need this knowledge, the following top 10 casinos films and comics are highly recommended for you;

  • Rain man

Rain man is the story of two brothers; Charlie and Ray reuniting with their loved ones after they cleared the tables at a Las Vegas casino. Ray has a more straightforward life than Charlie, his brother who is fond of living the shady life.  Ray was a king at Blackjack and he became prominent for clearing the tables all the time. From New Zealand to any other city he went, his name stood out and he reminds us that yes, you too can make lots of money playing casino games with the right rules.

  • Casino

Casino is a 1995 movie starring Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro. It is based on a true life story and it shows the state of Las Vegas casinos before multi-dollar corporations took over the city to build numerous modern casinos that we have in the city today. It is a must-watch movie for all.

  • Bugsy

Bugsy was written by James Toback and the film is all about a character called Bugsy who had an arrogant passion for violence. However, he later falls in love with a woman which changes everything leading to his downfall.

  • Rounders

This is a movie of two opposite characters that unite together to beat the high odds that stand in their way when it comes to gambling and gaming they lost lots of money in the process and end up broke as a result of their adventures.

  • Croupier

The 1998 film is the pure reflection of a person whose life is built around a casino and the main protagonist Clive Owen provides us with how it feels to live around a shady gambling environment for a long time. It portrays a story of a life of purpose, determination and resilience.

  • Suicide Squad Comics Slot

Suicide Squad is the first comic slots to make it to this list of top 10 casino films and comics slots. Over the years some casinos have made use of comics to build games and suicide squad is one of the wonderful innovations of playtech that is styled after the popular comic book of supervillians. However, this game is available in its best resolution on King Billy Casino

  • The Dark Knight Comics slot

This is a popular slot game that is based on the 2008 batman movie called the dark knight rises. The characters in the movie formed the make-up of the main slot symbols giving the game a better look.

  • ThunderCats Comics Slots

The ThunderCats slot is an innovation that is based on the ThunderCat cartoon series of the 80’s and it also drew most of its inspiration from the ThunderCats comic book that was published a few years later. However, Blueprint gaming is credited as the brains behind the ThunderCat slots with the game providing high definition graphics and music that thrills and delights every gamer.

  • Justice League Comic Slots

Justice League is a very popular series that is inspired by superheroes like Superman, Batman and so many others. The combinations of these characters provide a theme for the game with each of them captured in a high-win symbol. However, a gamer can win a progressive jackpot from this particular slot. Justice League comic slots are available in the best graphical contents in King Billy casino.

  •  Batman and Catwoman cash

This is a slot that is inspired by superheroes and this game offers high payouts due to the jackpot that comes with it and gamers must understand the rules of the game to make money off it. However, to play this game for free visit King Billy casino.

In conclusion, to play casino games you must learn the rules and develop a good strategy for yourself. Also, watching these casino films listed in this article will help you to get a better understanding of how a casino works. However, casinos make use of comic books to develop some games which are providing a new level of thrill to casino gamers and in the coming years, we expect to see more of these amazing innovations.