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4 Greatest Female Performances in Casino Movies

Casino-themed movies cannot look complete without spanking fine women in the leading role. Let’s check the top-4 list of the best gambling films where famous Hollywood actresses put their best foot forward. Don’t pass by the casino movies that have become world-known masterpieces as they can greatly diversify your spare time.

Most of the films made in Hollywood and dedicated to gambling have often become the major hits of all times. In many ways, this became possible thanks to women’s bright roles, who emphasized casino halls’ gloss and luxury. Since 1940, the world has seen a considerable number of casino-themed films. Meanwhile, the female roles have received the highest awards in the film industry.

No doubt, male roles prevail in this segment. However, women can emphasize the excitement, the aspiration to hit a big jackpot, or the man’s frantic desire to become a rich man instantly. That is why many of the leading roles were played by women who sometimes overshadowed other actors and charmed a viewing audience. By the way, it’s a great opportunity to check an exclusive list of top casino films by UK CasinoHEX. Today, you will find more about the most popular female roles in casino films and make sure that their contribution to many films’ popularity is undeniable.

Rita Hayworth as Gilda in “Gilda”

Even at the dawn of cinematography, talented women actresses often starred in popular films. The “Gilda” is no exception to the rule. Rita Hayworth proved herself to be an incredibly gifted actress in a movie devoted to gambling. It became one of the central films that ensured her incredible popularity throughout her career. Having played the seductive wife of a casino owner, she perfectly complemented the film’s plot and was remembered by fans for many years.

Unfortunately, the actress never received high awards for this role. However, she managed to play a memorable character who witnessed high marks from film critics. She played the wife of George Macready, who was a disabled casino owner. Hayworth was able to get used to the role of a strong character quickly and was remembered for the classic turn of the head and one of the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood.

Julia Roberts in “Ocean’s Eleven”

This motion picture became one of the first films of the well-known Ocean’s franchise. The popularity of the film became so high that the writers suggested developing events in two other parts. The film was released on wide screens in 2001. It has brought together a galaxy of popular Hollywood actors, including Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney.

At first glance, it might seem that the movie focuses solely on the bank robbery led by George Clooney. However, the main hero seeks to renew the relationship with his ex-wife Tess, played by Julia Roberts.

Her character often remains at the center of the plot. The actress demonstrated outstanding performance and was honored to receive the Audience Award in 2003. The film is packed with gorgeous casino scenes and top Hollywood actors. This quintessence brought the picture an incredible success. It is still one of the most exciting casino-themed films ever made.

Sharon Stone in “Casino”

The first thing worth paying attention to is that the film was shot by none other than the genius Martin Scorsese. The director put together an excellent cast that included:

  • Robert De Niro.
  • Joe Pesci.
  • Sharon Stone.

The actress played the femme fatale who turned the head of the main character Sam Rothstein, played by Robert De Niro. Thanks to his resourcefulness and a sharp mind, Sam became one of the managers of a casino owned by the Italian mafia. Even though things are going uphill, he does have a care in the world until he meets the love of his life. Sharon Stone provided the film with the necessary drama, which resulted in her Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination.

Jodie Foster as Annabelle Bransford in “Maverick”

The popular comedy was filmed in 1994. The leading roles were played by Mel Gibson and the admirable Jodie Foster. It is noteworthy that this movie contains several exciting poker scenes. Of course, Gibson is the central character who plays the card cheater. However, it is Jodie Foster who helps the protagonist take part in a significant high-stakes tournament.

The actress takes on the con artist role of Annabelle and demonstrates her outstanding knowledge of the popular card game. Her poker skills look very deep, which cannot but surprise the men. The actress played an intelligent and calculating woman who is not devoid of a sense of carelessness. This role became a great alternative to other more severe parts and made her film career look flawless.


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