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Best Games Up And Coming On The New Generation Consoles

With the release of the Xbox Series X last week and the PlayStation 5 this week, its time for the gamers to finally get excited about their industry again as it’s the first time a major console has been released in the last seven years. With the new consoles means new games and so we’ve created a list of games that gamers like ourselves are exciting to get playing on our new consoles.

First of all, would be the next chapter in the Assassins Creed series that is dubbed as Valhalla. Playing as a Scandinavian warrior is a war-struck land called Valhalla, your mission is to create an empire to enable you to conquer many different lands including that of England further down the line in the game. AC has always been a great of great gameplay and storyline, but we are certainly excited to see how it plays on the new consoles with the improved graphics and loading speeds.

[Image: NME]

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The next game that is receiving a fresh episode for the new consoles is that of Call of Duty Cold War which has promised to be one of the most exciting CoD releases for some time. This is down to the fact that it is offering all modes including Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies, Ops and Warzone which is the first to do it. The zombies this year is the first time that it has had a proper revamp with multiple ways to play now and succeed into the next round and three different types of currencies to succeed – something that we are most impressed with.

[Image: Video Games Chronicle]

And finally, although it hasn’t been given an official release date with it still currently being TBC 2021, Far Cry 6 still has created a lot of hype to come onto the new consoles. With you being put in charge and the leader for a war stricken Yara, it is your job to restore the nation back to its former glory against the dictators that have taken over. Yara used to be a prosperous paradise until the leadership of Anton Castillo came over and ruined the countries up and coming wealth mines. The narrative on this game is truly impressive.

[Image: Wikipedia]


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