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How casinos have influenced the movie industry

Some of the greatest movies featured casino games in them. From 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven to 1995’s Casino and the wonderful The Sting from 1973, gambling has always appealed to movie-makers and fans.

What it is about these games that makes them so suitable for movies, and what sort of effect have they have on the film industry.

A great setting for a tense scene

Directors are always looking for ways to introduce tension into scenes. That is why car chases, ticking bombs, and the risk of the hero being discovered are some of the most popular types of scenes you will see in so many movies.

Another great way to crank up the tension is to have the characters play out a gambling scene with high stakes. Ideally, the main character’s future will depend upon the turn of a card or a spin of the roulette wheel.

Take the example of Rounders, which has Matt Damon and Edward Norton needing to win a poker game to pay off a massive gambling debt. The viewer is hooked into their dilemma as the pair try desperately to win the money they need.

Another movie that uses gambling to increase the tension is The Gambler from 2014. This remake of the 1974 classic uses the same idea of a huge stake on a bet that simply needs to come up, this time on the roulette wheel.

Casino action reveals a character’s personality

There is nothing like a high-stakes section of casino action to show what a person is really like. Just look at the coolness demonstrated by James Bond whenever he faces off against a villain and calmly raises the stakes time after time.

A great example of this comes in Casino Royale from 2006. 007 finds himself in a poker game where the bets soon spiral way out of control. While other players would have lost their confidence and folded, Bond stays strong and wins all the cash on the table without blinking.

Another way that casino games were used to show someone’s real character featured in the classic Casablanca from 1942. Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Blaine might seem like a hard-bitten, cynical guy but a section featuring the roulette wheel shows us that he has a heart of gold.

After hearing that a young couple wants to run away to America but need money, Rick tells the man to bet on 22 and looks at the croupier. 22 comes up, and Rick tells him to bet on it again, leading to another win. It is a short section that helps the viewer warm to the main character, even though he shows little emotion and doesn’t explain why he did it.

This is why the games played in a casino are never the real focus of these movies. A great casino movie simply uses the likes of roulette and baccarat to tell us more about the characters. All of their faults or virtues are highlighted in the tense, unique setting of a high-stakes game that they simply can’t afford to lose.

Add some luxury and style

If asked to picture a casino player, most people will probably think of a suave, effortlessly cool person like James Bond or Danny Ocean. Many of the best casino movies feature this kind of smart, sophisticated player who knows the games inside out and is nobody’s fool.

They also add some luxury and style to movies by giving the director a chance to set a few scenes in a gorgeous casino where everyone is elegantly dressed. If there is a gritty storyline, then the contrast with this stylish setting will impact even more.

Interestingly, the influence that casinos have on the movie industry has now come around full circle, as many online casinos add games based on popular films. Some of the movies that have been turned into slots recently include Terminator, Superman, Bridesmaids, and Batman.

If you look for an online casino Florida players can choose; you will see names like Chumba Casino, Funzpoints, and LuckyLand Slots. Each of these gaming sites has a wide range of games based on different themes, including movies.

Casino games and movies are two traditional ways of passing time that are becoming increasingly linked due to their influence on one another. If you like to watch some action and to take part in it at other times, the combination is sure to add some excitement to your days.


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