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"No matter where you go, there you are."


Paradise takes a dark turn in the trailer for Waikiki

Escaping her abusive ex-boyfriend, KEA, a part-time Hawaiian teacher, hula dancer, and bar hostess temporarily lives out of her van to piece her life back together. One night after a violent beating, she speeds off into the night only to slam into WO, a mysterious homeless man crossing the street. Unwilling to leave him to die, she takes him into her van and life.

Their developing friendship and illusions of safety are soon shattered when her van is towed. Her desperation triggers past trauma, driving her towards insanity. WAIKIKI is a visceral allegory for the contemporary issues which plague Hawaiiʻs people, from mental illness, physical abuse, and the loss of Hawaiian identity.

Directed by Christopher Kahunahana, the film stars Danielle Zalopany, Peter Shinkoda, Jason Quinn, Kimo Kahoano, Nick Masciangelo, and Kainoa Mcgee.

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