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Successful Films related to Gambling

Over the years, film producers have been embracing gambling-related films. While most are based on fiction, others are drawn from real-life gaming situations. One common thing about these movies is that they all feature risk. Of course, that is the centrality of gambling!

Well, in these movies, we see characters trying to make their luck by playing casino games. Fortunately, most of them hit high jackpots, and this has attracted many fans.

The producers of the most successful ones have gone the extra miles in terms of the filming cost and location, alongside notable characters being featured.  All these extra spices present a real and thrilling experience to both gambling and non-gambling fans. There are tones of gambling movies, but we’ve presented a few of the successful ones for you to see.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is one of the most costly movies of all time. James Bond, a famous actor, takes a nefarious character in this movie as usual. He is seen as he tries to conquer a famous terrorist organization.


The casino is one of the most popular casino-themed movies.  It is based on greed and deceit. The Classic film features two friends Robert De Niro-a casino owner and Joe Pesci, a psychotic enforcer. The latter’s misdeed began to threaten both lives.

The Gambler

The 1974 classic movie tells the tale of a professor in New York City who is addicted to gambling. The film showcased his self-destruction as his financial status drained through gambling addiction. Essentially, the movie served as a general warning to addiction whatsoever.

High Roller

The movie focuses on a gambling superstar who loves to play poker.  In his gambling journey, he advanced from a casual player to a legendary professional who later crashed in his aim to attain a top spot.


21 is a true gambling story with much comic, thrills, and suspense. The epic tale is based on some students who were taught how to count cards by a math professor. They actually won millions of dollars in blackjack after several visits to a casino in Vegas.

Later, a brilliant aspiring medical student decides to join the team to fund his studies at the Harvard Medical School.  Unluckily, greed led to the downfall of the students.

The Sting

The Sting features two-star actors, Robert Redford and Paul Newman. One was a seasoned gambler while the other was a beginner in the world of gambling.  This movie has many twists and turns, which is rare in gambling-themed movies. You will definitely find the movie interesting.


The film features notable characters like Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and John Malkovich. The story is centered on a young businessman that was able to source money for his friend and law school by winning at the poker table.


In this movie, a writer had to change his career path to a dealer at a high-street casino in London because he is not making ends meet. He began faring well after he started engaging in cheating devices with a player. He eventually ended up in a situation worse than he could ever imagine.


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