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There is a new board game based on John Carpenter’s The Thing heading our way

We have seen The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 and Who Goes There? board games based on John Carpenter’s The Thing and the original short story by John W. Campbell.

Now we have another one heading our way as The Thing – The Boardgame, The official board game inspired by the 1982 movie, is now on Kickstarter.

The Thing – The Boardgame is a tense, cinematic experience for 1-8 players based on the eponymous cult film directed in 1982 by the master of movie-making John Carpenter. The game focuses on the emulation and assimilation properties of the Alien, hiding its identity under a veil of fake humanity. The Alien’s true objective is to escape from the base, choosing to hide himself collaborating with humans in order to escape along with them or revealing his true nature, playing as a monster to assimilate all the team members. On the opposite, the humans must try to survive, maintaining the outpost 31, choosing the best way to escape between the helicopter, the snowcat or the rescue team but, more important, to test the team member to reveal the Alien. The road to victory is truly hard, but not impossible. Be careful though! The paranoia of not knowing who you REALLY have on your side may cloud your decisions!

The Kickstarter was fully funded within 90 minutes!

The miniatures do look very faithful to the film and the video below explains how the game is played.

The Thing: The Board Game is being published by Pendragon Game Studio. It is currently on Kickstarter until 14th October, with a pledge of €79 (£73) getting backers a core copy of the game set to arrive in December 2021.

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