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Crystal Eyes, El Topo, The Holy Mountain and more are heading to Arrow Video Channel

ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL is the passion-driven film platform giving film fans the opportunity to watch a curated selection of movies that the Arrow Video brand is famous for. This September, the Arrow Video Channel is showing the superbly-stylish giallo-infused high fashion horror Crystal Eyes, as well as a fantastic selection of brand new additions to the channel.

A camp, creepy and gloriously entertaining slasher, Crystal Eyes is set in the cutthroat world of fashion modelling, where people are being picked off one by one by a masked killer, on the eve of a photoshoot to commemorate a dead supermodel. You can read our review here.

A must-watch for fans of Dario Argento fans (Suspiria in particular), and Nicolas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon, Crystal Eyes is wickedly scary neo-giallo, with an iconic doll-faced killer, superbly-staged set pieces, and a true affection for the stalk-and-slash genre it pays homage to, and featuring a fabulous performance from Argentinian screen veteran Silvia Montanari as a fearsome magazine editor.

You can see it on the Arrow Video Channel – the home for weird and wild cult classics, newly-restored gems, and genre favourites, available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video (UK only).

Also debuting on the Arrow Video Channel this September are:


Key Talent: Bernard Rose (Candyman), Danny Huston (Wolverine), Peter Weller (Robocop)

Bernard Rose’s biting, drink-and-drug saturated satire on the behind-the-scenes of the Hollywood film industry, featuring a blistering lead performance from Danny Huston as an agent going spectacularly off the rails.

Graveyard of Honor

Key Talent: Kinji Fukasaku (Director, Battles without Honor and Humanity), Tetsuya Watari (Outlaw Gangster VIP)

Fukasaku’s 1975 crime thriller classic, filmed in a unique quasi-documentary style, charts the rise and fall of real-life gangster Rikio Ishikawa, a man utterly without honor or ethics, surviving by any means necessary in a world of brutal criminality.

Graveyard of Honor

Key Talent: Takashi Miike (Director, Dead or Alive, Audition)

Miike’s 2002 retelling of the 1975 film transplants the story to Tokyo at the turn of the millennium, capturing both the hedonism and nihilism of the modern Japanese crime scene in deliriously stylish fashion, resulting in a fascinating companion piece to the original.

The Holy Mountain

Key Talent: Alejandro Jodorowsky (Director, El Topo)

The ultimate cult film director, and 1970s counter-cultural icon, Jodorowsky also stars in this extraordinary, mystical psychedelic classic, as The Alchemist, a guru who guides a troupe of pilgrims on a quest to ascend the Holy Mountain in search of spiritual enlightenment.

El Topo

Key Talent: Alejandro Jodorowsky (Director, The Holy Mountain)

El Topo stars Jodorowsky as a master-gunfighter who duels with four sharp-shooting adversaries on his journey across a desert dreamscape.

Fando Y Lis

Key Talent: Alejandro Jodorowsky (Director, El Topo)

The first feature from one of world cinema’s most fabled iconoclasts, this tells of young Fando and his paraplegic sweetheart Lis’s journey through a series of surreal and mind-bending scenarios, to find the enchanted city of Tar.

Return of the Killer Tomatoes

Key Talent: John De Bello (Director, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), George Clooney (Gravity)

Following on from the 1978 cult classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, this utterly crazy sequel comes armed with a healthy sense of its own ridiculousness, not to mention Hollywood superstar George Clooney in an early role, sporting a wicked mullet!

Arrow Video Channel’s curated picks of September:


To tie in with Arrow Video Channel’s screening of a sexy new slasher, the glam and gory Crystal Eyes, the Channel also presents a selection of gripping chillers and thrillers doused in blood, brimming with camp, filled with vamps, and stylish beyond compare, with dazzling decor and eye-popping outfits. There’s giallo madness with Death Walks on High Heels, that sees a woman with a haul of hot diamonds pursued by a merciless killer; followed swiftly by Death Walks at Midnight, with a fashion model stalked by a maniac with a spiked glove; the fantabulous The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, featuring a bevy of slinky starlets making ill-advised trips to a rich man’s castle; a story of obsession, murder, and out-of-sight hairdos in The Bloodstained Butterfly; an erotic love triangle in the sensuous The Coming of Sin; the extraordinary murder mystery The Pyjama Girl Case, starring Ray Milland in an Australian-set giallo based on a true crime, that fits together like a jigsaw at the end; and the perversely brilliant and kinky thriller Crimes of Passion, directed by Ken Russell, with Kathleen Turner as a fashion designer who dons a platinum blonde wig to become her nighttime alter-ego, China Blue.

  • Crystal Eyes – UK/US
  • Society – UK/US
  • Death Walks on High Heels – UK/US
  • Death Walks at Midnight – UK/US
  • Blood and Black Lace – UK/US
  • The Red Queen Kills Seven Times – UK/US
  • The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave – UK/US
  • The Bloodstained Butterfly – UK/US
  • The Fifth Cord – UK/US
  • The Pyjama Girl Case – UK/US
  • Whirlpool – UK/US
  • The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion – UK/US
  • Double Face – UK/US
  • There’s Always Vanilla – UK/US
  • The Coming of Sin – UK/US
  • Crimes of Passion – UK
  • Heathers – UK
  • The Iguana and the Tongue of Fire – UK


Loyalty, respect, betrayal and brutality! If the two Graveyard of Honor films on the Arrow Video Channel have whetted your appetite for Japanese underworld mayhem, then you’re in the right place. From the blood-splattered brilliance of the gangster classic Battles Without Honour And Humanity series, to Teruo Ishii’s astonishing Orgies of Edo, Arrow Video Channel lets you take a deep dive into some of Japanese cinema’s most unflinching moments. There’s Yasuharu Hasebe’s Massacre Gun, a breathless action thriller about a hitman who turns on his bosses; Shinjuku Triad Society, a mob war thriller packed with gritty violence and double-crosses; Rainy Dog, from 1997, directed by Takashi Miike, an atmospheric character study about a stranded assassin discovering his humanity; and also Miike’s outrageously extreme Dead Or Alive, a striking, sleazy and downright ferocious crime masterwork. Hamari komu!

  • Graveyard of Honor (1975) – UK/US
  • Graveyard of Honor (2002) – UK/US
  • Yakuza Law – UK/US
  • Teenage Yakuza – UK/US
  • Battles Without Honour And Humanity – UK/US
  • Hiroshima Death Match – UK/US
  • Proxy War – UK/US
  • Police Tactics – UK/US
  • Final Episode – UK/US
  • New Battles Without Honor & Humanity – UK/US
  • New Battles Without Honor & Humanity: The Boss’s Head – UK/US
  • Last Days of the Boss – UK/US
  • Blind Woman’s Curse – UK/US
  • Orgies of Edo – UK/US
  • Inferno of Torture – UK/US
  • Street Mobster – UK/US
  • Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards! – UK/US
  • Massacre Gun – UK/US
  • Retaliation – UK/US
  • Gangster VIP – UK/US
  • Gangster VIP 2 – UK/US
  • Shinjuku Triad Society – UK/US
  • Rainy Dog – UK/US
  • Ley Lines – UK/US
  • Dead or Alive – UK/US
  • Dead or Alive 2: Tôbôsha – UK/US

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