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Tom Of Your Life looks at living an entire life in just one day

Tom Of Your Life, written, directed, edited, scored by and starring Jer Sklar, has been acquired by Gravitas Ventures, which will release the comedy on VOD September 1st.

When a child is born at a rural hospital who inexplicably ages four years every hour, a rebellious nurse smuggles him out and takes him on the road to let him experience the world on the one day he’ll have to live in it. This is the tale of TOM OF YOUR LIFE, a heartwarming, music-driven comedy about taking a beautiful new view on life.

“The idea for the film came from watching a National Geographic documentary about the 24-hour lifespan of the Mayfly. In my 2 AM existential-panic type way, I wondered, what if a human lived out a full lifespan but basically in around 24 hours. I knew from the start I had no interest in this being a disease-of-the-week type of film, but wanted instead to craft an entertaining fable, a way to re-examine this entire crazy enterprise called life,” said Sklar of the origins of the film.

Multi-hyphenate Jer Sklar created the original soundtrack for the film, composed and performed by his Chicago-based band The Blackstrap Molasses. Sklar envisioned a film where the songs, while not directly commenting on the action, would serve as a collective consciousness of the characters in the film. The album, consisting of eleven original songs, will coincide with the film’s release.

The film team includes Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer Chuck Sklar, Producer James Sharpe, and Writer Jer Sklar, who makes his directorial debut. The movie was shot by award-winning Cinematographer, Christopher Rejano, whose films have been featured at the Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals, among others. Rising star Baize Buzan was most recently on Broadway with Ed Harris in Bartlett Sher’s production of “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

Sklar says of the acquisition, “I am thrilled to have gotten the attention of Gravitas Ventures, let alone to be partnering with them to distribute my debut film. I have heard nothing but amazing things from my filmmaker friends about GV’s support and handling of their ‘babies’ throughout the entire distribution process, so this is a dream come true for myself and my team who have worked so hard for many years. Now I’m Gravitas’ problem.”

“It’s rare you see a film nowadays where the premise is completely fresh, yet so relevant to our current lives, but that’s what you get with TOM OF YOUR LIFE. Gravitas is excited to share this one of a kind film with audiences,” said Brett Rogalsky, Acquisitions Coordinator and Gravitas Ventures.

Jer Sklar is represented by The Arlook Group.

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