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7 Casino-Themed Movies That Still Deserve Your Attention in 2020

Movies are an important cultural component that shapes our views and serves as an outlet for experiencing an adventure we’d never dare undertaking in real-life. It’s also a form of escapism because it allows us to place ourselves in the shoes of another person who’s living a different life, albeit for a brief moment. When it comes to it, a casino environment lends itself to countless possibilities on how to form an exciting storyline that hooks the audience.

Today, we’ll be revisiting some of the greatest casino-themed classics that are still relevant to this very day:


Casino Royale (first aired in 2006)

This entry in the 007 franchise represents a more modern take on the 1973 classic, the one that’s brimming with risk, riches, and a high-class thrill of brick & mortar live casinos. This time around, Daniel Craig takes on the role of James Bond whose mission is to stop a terrorist group from winning a poker tournament.


Rain Man (first aired in 1988)

Rain Man explores the topic of autism and the supernatural talents this neurological deficit something gives wings to. Charlie Babbit, a character played by Tom Cruise, takes the autistic Raymond to a casino with the intention of utilizing his incredible brain for the purpose of card counting – a form of cheating at Blackjack. Will they succeed in fooling the establishment?


Rounders (first aired in 1998)

Another fantastic title that explores the topic of card counting and the degree of trouble you can find yourself in when caught. Starring Mat Damon, the movie follows the adventures of Mike, a young law student, who gets entangled in a secret society that’s hell-bent on netting a hefty profit by conning the casino establishment out of its money reserves.


The Hangover (first aired in 2009)

What could possibly go wrong when you go partying your guts out at a Las Vegas casino? Apart from a friend that goes missing, a wedding ring that gets lost, and a tiger that finds itself in the bedroom, all is fine and well.


Casino (first aired in 1995)

In this lovely classic, Robert De Niro portrays the life of a casino manager who used to be a gangster. Before he knows it, his old life catches up with him once more and leads him down the path of crime. Once the FBI and the mafia get involved, things are bound to get shaken up for good.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (first aired in 1998)

As Johnny Depp takes on the role of a journalist, the road leads him and his lawyer friend straight into Las Vegas – the heart of gambling. Throw in some drugs and police officers into the mix, and before you know it, the duo find themselves in a pickle they have no idea how to get out of.


Croupier (first aired in 1998)

Have you ever envisioned what the world of gambling would be like through the eyes of a croupier? Although there is a certain aura of romanticism that surrounds the casino scene, at times, it can also show its darker side. In fact, this is true to such an extend that the main protagonist decides to publish his findings in the form of a novel.



2020 is a time to honor the classics of the past. So if you have some time to spare, do yourself a favor and get your hands on one of these.