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Films Aimed at Bullying

Bullying is often associated with high school and college students. The form of aggression and coercion is often depicted in Hollywood films, and it is easy to see why; everyone loves an underdog story. However, bullying is not confined to the halls of a school, it is also present in other walks of life, but it takes the shape of emotional and mental bullying.

Regardless, it is difficult to deal with bullying, which makes it difficult to dispel this behavior from our society. The following are films that brought out this foul act and how the characters were able to rise above those seeking to inflict pain on them.

1.     Carrie 1976/ 2013

Carrie first hit the cinemas back in 1976 before a third adaptation of the same was done in 2013. Based on Stephen King’s novel, Carrie is a film about a young and unpopular school girl who has trouble fitting in. As a result, she becomes the target of bullying by a group of kids in her school. However, the young girl soon discovers her supernatural gifts, which she uses to exert revenge on all those who bullied her. Carrie easily passes as one of the few teenage bullying movies in Hollywood.

2.     The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Just like Carrie, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is one of the few bullying movies for elementary students that is also based in a series of popular books. The movie is not as dark as Carrie but manages to deliver a serious bullying theme. In fact, the film would appeal to most 12-year-old boys but still delivers mature humor for adults to watch as well.

3.     Bully

It wouldn’t be a complete list without the movie Bully. Controversial director Larry Clark made a brutally honest film which, to be frank, is kind of hard to watch at times! The movie, based on a true story, follows the lives of a group of teens who plan to kill a mutual friend who has been tormenting them for years, following the death of Bobby Kent in 1993. Bully is one of the teenage bullying movies of the decade.

4.     The Gift

We are all used to popular actor Jason Bateman in comedy movies. However, in the 2014 movie The Gift, Jason assumes a serious role, portraying Simon, who unexpectedly encounters an old school mate, Gordo, who he used to bully when they attended high school. Gordo starts paying both Simon and his wife horrific visits, which ultimately puts both Simon and his wife in danger.

5.     The Devil Wears Prada

Bullying is not confined to school hallways, and the devil wears Prada is an excellent example of what life is like when you meet fully grown bullies. Needless to say, if you enjoy work and high-pressure movies, then this might just be right for you.

6.     Hercules

Who doesn’t know strong Hercules son of the god Zeus. Hercules is a threat to his brother Hades. Hades intends to free the people of Titan who are locked at the bottom of the ocean. After 18 years, the planets are to realign, and Hades will be able to locate the lost Titans.

Hades sends two of his followers to feed Hercules a formula that will make him mortal. The two also forget to remove his supernatural powers before another family adopts Hercules.

As Hercules is admitted to a school, he is constantly teased and ostracized because he is too strong. It is from here that he decides to search for his origin. From the movie it is possible to draw many themes for an academic bully essay. There are many free bullying essay examples based on Hercules and how he overcame his teasers. Many examples online tend to feature him as a strong young man who not only overcame his struggles but those of others. You can easily acquire essays on bullying online.

7.     Billy Elliot

This is an excellent film about teaching kids about self-acceptance. The main character is an 11-year boy who dreams of becoming a dancer. Many people do not approve of his dreams, and he is teased for not being a ‘manly-man. His brother is often taunting him about his aspiration.

8.     Jimmy Neutron

The film is about this genius boy who starts a fire while inventing. This makes his parents punish him by sending him to his room. As he decides to meet his friends at the park, his parents are abducted by Yolkians. The aliens not only kidnap his parents but all the parents of his friends. This film depicts how he overcame the alien bullies.

9.     Chicken Little

This film is excellent at teaching kids how to speak up and the importance of speaking up. The film has a little chicken who says ‘the sky is falling,’ but no one believes him. The little chicken is teased and misunderstood by others.

10.  Ant Bully

Ant Bully depicts how a bully can affect people. Lucas, who is the main character, is often neglected by his family and is, in turn, bullied at school. The older kid who bullies him is very aggressive and quite annoying. Lucas, who does not know how to handle the situation, turns the frustration towards the anthill. The act backfires on him as he is transformed into an ant. The movie is excellent for building confidence and standing up for himself.


Bullying in the USA is spreading every day and has now morphed into online bullying. Many students are suffering due to this. There is a need to reduce the forms of bullying, and one way to address this societal problem is through movies. Movies are relatable and easily accessible to everyone.






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