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7 Ways To Creatively Showcase Your Favourite Films

We have all been there, we have all been in the cinema watching a film that has become our new favourite. But how can you showcase your love for film within your home? In this article, we will be providing you with some creative ways that you can showcase your love for film within your home.

Build The Ultimate Shelving Unit

If you are a lover of films, chances are you have an abnormally large number of DVDs lying around the house. Whether this is in a cupboard or just in and around the DVD player, so why not build the ultimate shelving unit. This is a great way of utilising wall space for the storage of your DVDs whilst showcasing your collection to anyone that is visiting your home.

Make Your Own Artwork

Another way that you can creatively showcase your love for film within your interior design is to make your own artwork. Whether this is a collage off all your old cinema tickets or print and frame photos of your favourite film posters, these can be hung up on the wall anywhere in your home.

Opt To Frame Film Posters

If you have several older film posters that you have no idea what to do with, why not frame them. They can work as a great way to remove negative wall space in the living room and act as a great conversation starter for other film lovers. These can be framed with ease and hung up in the home and replaced just as easily, allowing you to alter the posters to your new favourite films.


Merchandise is another way to show love for your favourite film or franchise as several stores and online retailers are selling it. Whether it is a mug for the office, a bedspread or a series of pillows, books and film posters, this merchandise can be used to decorate your room and showcase your love for your favourite film franchise.

Replicate A Set From The Film

If you have a film that you love from a design aspect, why not try to replicate the film set ion your bedroom. Whether it is Elle Woods’ bedroom from Legally Blonde or the dorm rooms from the Harry Potter franchise, several design elements can allow you to closely replicate the settings within your own room.

Opt For An Old Hollywood Theme

If you are a huge fan of old Hollywood there are several design elements such as directors’ chairs and clapboards that you can use to design your room. With several stencils for wall art as well as posters for some of the best films in cinematic history, the only limitation on your designs is your creativity.

Turn Your Room Into A Cinema

If you have space, why not turn your room into a cinema? With a simple projector and a blank wall, you can turn your room into the ultimate cinema experience for you and your friends. This is ideal if you have space and is a great way to bring the feel of movie magic into your home.

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can bring the movie magic into your home through the use of décor and creativity. Where will you be starting?

Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay.


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