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Best movies based on Vegas

Las Vegas is a movie maker’s dream city, a place where people travel to lose their inhibitions, have fun, it is the kind of environment that can create some of the best stories and characters ever.

It has been the setting for many films, ranging from masterpieces to dreadful, but the city keeps attracting production as much as it does bachelors/bachelorette parties.

There’s something incredibly attractive about seeing the stories of those that go to Las Vegas to escape themselves, and also the characters that call the place home, two paths that tell the tale of an amazing place.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

The beginning of a super famous and successful franchise, Ocean’s Eleven introduces audiences to Danny Oceans’ crew, taking them through the robbery of one of Vega’s biggest casinos.

It’s got everything you want: a lovable, talented, attractive team of robbers, all the excitement of a night of high stakes in Las Vegas, and a love story, a great movie to watch at any time.

The original film started from 1980 Oceans 11 starting the lustrous Rat Pack is also worth a watch, but for many fans, the 2001 version is the one that they fell in love, the good thing is you will probably enjoy both.

The Hangover

Get ready to laugh out loud with this Las Vegas movie. The Hangover presents as both the best and worst experience to be had in the city. A night so wild you forget everything, leading you on a path to retrace your steps, surprising discoveries, foes, and a whole lot of crazy, sounds like a great movie night plan.

If you want to avoid the movie-like shenanigans, why not use Mobilebet and experience everything a casino has to offer right in the palm of your hand. But if you absolutely must have a Hangover remake happen to you, then best head to the infamous strip yourself – at your own risk of course!

These films blew up on the box office with its raunchy comedy, spot-on acting, and hilarious turn of events, creating a whole franchise based in different cities with crazier stunts, but nothing quite reached the first installment.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This film based on Hunter S. Thompson’s book by the same name will take you on the trip of a lifetime.

Like Las Vegas, this film can be unexpected, wild, amusing, and terrifying all at once, Thompson’s describes a city painted by the veils of psychedelic drugs, alcohols, plus more drugs.

If you a literary fan of Thomspson’s or enjoy a bit of insanity, or being a little bit uncomfortable when watching a movie this is the Vegas film for you.


Who could do the Las Vegas underworld honor like Martin Scorsese? No one, and that’s why you would include Casino in any Best Las Vegas movies list.

Casino speaks of the darkness hidden in the shiny town and the ordinary lives of those involved in it, the rise and fall on the Vegas dream.

With incredible performances from movie stars like Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone, it will draw you in, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the conclusion.

Based on a real story that happened in Las Vegas, the movie is a fan favorite for all the right reasons.

Here is a film for the lovers of fast-paced, underbelly tales with a heart, and great storytelling.

Enjoy movie night in the city and…Viva Las Vegas!


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