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Review: The Hunt – “A riotously funny, violent thriller”

I don’t know how you’re all coping, but I hope you are.

I’ve been working from home since Tuesday. Partly because I can do what I currently need to do, but more so because I’m high risk.

My immediate thought was: I need something to look forward to each day. With my beloved Manchester United wrapped in cotton wool (rightly so, what took so long with the sport thing, eh?), it is films. It has always been films.

So at 8pm, we film show.

Last night was The Invisible Man, already reviewed HERE. It was Onward just before that with the boys (as Disney released it early on USiTunes), as they did with Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker, already reviewed HERE.

So the debate begins. Are they cashing in? Or are major film studios demonstrating a level of common sense, & pragmatism not seen for some time/ever?

I suppose the answer is based on what you perceive as value for money.

$19.99 or £15.99 to rent.

Value or not?

Most people have rightly said for a couple as that is what it would cost to watch it in a cinema. As much as I miss the cinema, I don’t miss the people that sat too close. Troffing through their popcorn at inappropriate times, & coughing way before coughing would send shivers down my spine.

For me? It’s the rewatchability factor. It’s not unusual for me to delve into a film twice. Once on my own, then again to see the reaction of others — normally Mrs T.

The Hunt is now my perfect example of such a film.

Brief, zippy, no messing around. The films is relentless from start to finish — & I applaud its ballsiness. It immediately drags you in to its premise — essentially a politically charged Battle Royale — and if you can get in on the joke, basically you’ll have a hoot.

The fact that this has been branded as a modern video nasty, namely because of the delayed-release thanks to the current President, makes it even more fascinating. To be fair, as over the time and knee jerk as that reaction was, the film had traits of an 80’s film you’d sneak a watch of behind your Dad’s back at a sleepover. It’s often jaw-droppingly violent — but rather than for gore’s sake, it does it for humour, or better, outright shock value.

After the initial opening, the way they set the scene in a field as everyone wakes from their slumber, is nothing short of audacious. We get introduced to what we think will be a lead several times only for them to continually get wiped out in inventive ways. Throw in the effort to try and politicize The Hunt and this will be a go-to comfort film for me for a long while.

I got 48 hours on the rental, which means I might just eke out a third viewing. If so, it’s got to be a double bill with the similarly toned Ready Or Not. Another riotously funny, violent thriller, which much to say. Plus kick-ass heroines? They’re there and they’re getting more and more frequent. You just need to know where to look.

If it’s not for you, or if you need a palette cleanser after, I recommend Onward. It’s typically gorgeous looking, but it’s quirky too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it and I include ‘Weekend At Bernies’ in that.

When we go back to normal, albeit wearing leather, & toilet rolls is the new petrol, I hope we don’t go back to normal.

I’ll be in the cinema on Day 1 of The New World. But please Hollywood. Give me the choice of watching at home, too.

Be kind to yourself and stay safe.

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