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21- When luck meets science

How far would you go if earning big money suddenly became very easy and possible? What is the risk you are ready and willing to take?  Apparently, greed comes without a hint of conscience and warning in the film “21”.

The Plot

This is a 2008 American heist drama directed by Robert Luketic, starring Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne and Kate Bosworth in the main roles. This is a film about a hard-working student who wants to continue his education at Harvard Medical School but can’t afford the full tuition. His talent for maths is noticed by his maths teacher, prof. Micky Rosa played by Kevin Spacey. After looking through his impressive score on the exams, he invites him to join his blackjack team of fellow students.

But, professor Rosa is not interested in conventional gambling. He is teaching his best and brightest students to lead and predict the game by counting cards. He planned a scheme that works, and his next target is to take over Las Vegas. Using card counting and covert signaling, they maximize their probability of winning at casinos, leading them to earn additional profits. However, in reality this is not legal and easy as it seems. We’ll accept this theory just to go through the scenario.

Ben is not very amused to join at first, but eventually finds his teammates very cool and interesting. He is immediately attracted to Jill (Kate Bosworth), a blonde and fit genius. He soon gets used to the Las Vegas lifestyle and glamour.

The Characters

Ben’s character transitions from an innocent student to a card fanatic who has to learn a life lesson the hard way. He has gone through his life earning everything he got from hard work. Suddenly, something that has been laid off in front of him is very easy, pays a lot of money and lets him have a fun lifetime. Suddenly, when you are having more fun than you’ve ever had, it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment.

Professor Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey) is the highlight of this movie. His laid back and cool performance outshines the younger cast. Laurence Fishburne who also makes an appearance is very impressive in his role as the experienced Vegas card counter. Sturgess also does his best to hold on to the role of a 21-year-old schoolboy.

The Game

The director lets you know that you will be entertained right from the beginning. The story and the ending are carefully thought through. All these events are accompanied with a tasteful song list, including the famous “You can’t always get what you want” by The Rolling Stones.

Many people would like to see 21 because of the thrill behind casino games. Although this is a movie about blackjack, it is not as glamorously presented as other casino chic movies. This is a movie about the power of maths and refuting the theory of luck behind table games. There are many theories about hacking the game of chance systems. Scientists and math enthusiasts are trying to reduce the list of possible combinations and outcomes. This also includes the popular slots games. When their popularity transferred online, they gained many new fans with their colourful and playful design. Themes like colourful bubbles and glittering stars like this Starburst slot game online are among the most favourite in the community. However, as we said previously, there is no such thing as hacking the system of these games. Very similar activities are labeled as illegal, and you might face serious penalties if you try to cheat or make an online fraud.

Final words

“21” has a really good gripping story and you will expect this if you’ve read the book. Even though Hollywood has labelled this movie as too bland and predictable, it turned out to be a big box office hit, earning ten times more than its budget. We recommend it as a good choice for a Saturday movie night with your friends.



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