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High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story – Is it possible to hold the high?

A genius of his kind, Stu Ungar was a skilled gambler of his times who won a number of trophies from the many tournaments and competitions he previously attended to. He has a number of trophies under his bed which he was awarded for the good work he had previously achieved being a skilled high roller. A gambling genius followed the foot maps left by his father who was a bookmaker and the owner of the Foxes Corner bar. 

In his career, Stu had a number of achievements that he, later on, came to realize how gambling addiction has affected his entire life. He started gambling when he was very young. He went as far as missing classes just to come to the Foxes and sneak in for a game. This made him start gambling for money at a very tender age where he broadened the scope of the gambling industry. 

When he got married, he could even leave the wife and son Faye alone with no source of income. It was this way because of the money attachment gambling was offering him at any time. For him, gambling was not that serious when he was young but as he grew up, he came to understand how one can get a lot of money from these gambling-related activities and business now that the father was a veteran in gambling-related issues.

About the plot

In the movie, there merged a serious ploy to eliminate Stu just because of the increased fame and popularity. The movie which depicts the real-life Stu used to live is a biological movie and this means what is entailed in it is close or similar to the kind of real-life the character lived. Stu was a cocaine user but he had not advanced into higher levels of consumption and addiction. 

At the time of his death, many people knew or associated his death with a high level of drug addiction. The main actor in the movie Michael associated Stu with a lot of mistrust and high stakes drama. He was unfortunately found in a motel room towards the end of the movie although he was found dead in the room by a cleaning lady.

Does Gambling Addiction Bring Consequences?

Most likely gambling addiction brings a number of consequences that vary from the type of consequence to the lifestyle and other behavioral elements you may notice to a serious gambler. Many of the problem gamblers have lost property in a simply funny gambling way. 

You may easily break up relationships with important people in your circles including close family members. Chances of having huge amounts of debts are also high as a result of continuous gambling trends at international casinos provided by offshore operators that exhaust your money making it hard to survive without a single cent. To a greater extent gambling addiction has brought about more harm than good in a way as others go to the extent of emptying their bank accounts for the purpose of gambling. 

This has developed a negative impact on their financial well-being thereby making the gambler overspend on gambling-related activities. Other extreme consequences associated with gambling include misusing the time in a way the player may spend more than enough time on the screen playing the games of their choices. Other extreme effects include early retirement so as to create enough time to gamble and reduce the general workload of the day. This leads to general laziness and fall out from important circles.


In fewer words, we should become keen on gambling practices that are highly addictive and could mislead anyone within a short length of time. With increased rates of gambling across the world, problem gamblers are yet to increase tremendously which shall call for immediate action by the relevant authorities so as to protect the most vulnerable in the society.




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