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Tech Review: The Varidesk Laptop 30 compact standing-desk solution

It is March already and it seems 2020 is determined to get through its business as quickly as possible. Who can blame it really? It’s all been a bit of a kerfuffle so far.

In all of the various things going on this year, there is the matter of New Year’s Resolutions. How many of you have managed to keep them going? I once again decided to get fit and healthy, yet life finds ways to make that tricksy.

However, one little way of helping my poor neglected sedentary body has been the option of standing up as I work. Now we have all heard about the goodness that a standing desk can bring to those of us who work on a PC or laptop, yet it is not often an easy option as they can be quite pricey or involve a spot of DIY. Plus we already have a perfectly good desk (my office chair, on the other hand, is a nightmare that needs replacing, but maybe not as soon as I thought) just sitting there being all lovely and supportive of our laptops, monitors, keyboards and other bits and pieces.

Vari very kindly sent over their Varidesk Laptop 30 (aka Varidesk Soho). Don’t be fooled by the name as it is not an actual laptop. Instead, it is a compact standing-desk solution.

What that means if you get an extremely sturdy platform on which you can place your laptop and mouse. Then you have nine different height settings that should give you a suitable height for standing while you work.

It all comes fully assembled. The flat deck is 30 by 15 inches and it is a matter of seconds to adjust the height. Its maximum height is 15 inches so keep that in mind when measuring from the surface of your desk or another place of work.

It also looks very stylish when sat on your desktop. Even when laying flat it looks like some cool kind of Star Trek desk, which was most pleasing to me.

It also supports up to 15lbs so even the larger laptops should be safe and sound on there.

The unit is self is weighty, but it is easy to move around should you wish, and you need that bit of weight to ensure it does not move around.

It does cost £150, which is a bit to pay but still a lot cheaper than buying a full standing desk. They also have various other standing desk options depending on your needs.

All in all, I am very happy to recommend the Varidesk Laptop 30. It has given me the option of a standing desk that is also portable and rather stylish. It is a solid piece of kit that feels nice and sturdy, but is super easy to adjust.

Now I just have to decide whether or not to get one of the active mats to gain even more benefits to using it!

The Varidesk Laptop 30 is available to buy online for £150.00 from here

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