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Sponsored Post: Online Casinos go to the Movies

Online casinos have been available to online gambling enthusiasts for over 20 years now. Since the very beginning, online casino software developers have created a bit of a love affair with Hollywood. That hasn’t been lost on generations of gamblers who seem to enjoy playing movie themed video slots.

Back in the early to mid-2000s, Playtech made a significant mark on the online casino industry by developing an entire line of video slots based on Marvel Comics heroes. That list of games has continued to grow over the years, leaving more than a dozen such video slots available for gamblers who love superheroes. The list includes titles like Iron Man I & II, Wolverine, X-Men, The Hulk, The Avengers, Ghost Rider and a host of other Marvel Games. The genre became so popular that Playtech eventually tied the Marvel games together in its Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot Game.

While Playtech was advancing its brand through its Marvel Comics games, many of the industry are other top software developers were taking note. It wasn’t long before Netent and Microgaming began developing its own movie themed video slots.

The list of popular movie themed video slot games online slot players can currently get access to include the following titles (and many more): Laura Croft Tomb Raider, The Terminator, The Dark Night Rises, King Kong Island of Skull Mountain, Ted, The Mask, The Matrix, Bridesmaids, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Chicago.

For the older crowd, there’s also a nice selection slots based on what movie enthusiasts would consider classic movies. That list includes titles like: Psycho, The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court, Wizard of Oz (multiple versions), The Phantom of the Opera, The Magnificent Seven, Scrooge, The Godfather, Rocky, Pink Panther, Oliver Twist, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Bruce Lee.

The Attraction of Movie Themed Games for Slot Players

To understand the undeniable success of these movies, one would have to consider why such movies would be attractive to slot players. It’s important to remember there are well over two thousand video slots available somewhere for online slot players. So why would they so readily flock to games based on movie titles?

The reality is most people are nostalgic about their past. With Hollywood having such a big influence on society over the years, the biggest and best movies have become entrenched in cultures all over the world.

With so many slots from which to choose, slot players tend to gravitate towards genres that include titles that are familiar to them. For older slot players, what could possibly be more familiar that a slot based on Psycho or The Wizard of Oz? Only live casino games seem to be as popular as movies slots. BTW: live casinos are popular in Europe, but not so much in the States yet.

The good news for online casino software developers is each generation has its own movies to which they can cling. That’s not something that’s likely to change as a new generation of online gamblers come to market. It’s just a matter of time before we start to see video slots built around the Jason Bourne or Fast and Furious franchises.

Will these games be popular? That’s as good a bet as anyone will ever find

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