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Bruce Campbell has said a new Evil Dead movie may begin filming this year

Both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have mentioned that there will be a new Evil Dead movie heading our way, we just didn’t know when.

However, while talking at the Fan Expo Vancouver, Campbell did say they may be getting started this year and that there will be more to follow.

We’re producing more Evil Dead movies. Maybe one later this year. Sam Raimi’s handpicked the next guy to make another creepy Evil Dead film. It just won’t have Ash. There are more stories to tell.

Sadly, Campbell has said he will not be returning to the role of Ash on a number of occasions. I am sorry we will not be seeing him and his boomstick again, but we did have the excellent Ash vs Evil Dead TV show.

It’s okay to pass it along to another idiot to try and stop evil from destroying the world. One idiot tried⁠—he did pretty good. It’s time to let other innocent people with no skills try to save the world. And there’s more stories to tell.

So we think we have a cool premise. We have a new filmmaker that Sam Raimi has hand-chosen. So he’s very involved in it. We’ll be involved in the story, and we’ll try and make sure the actors don’t completely suck. And then we’re gonna make another one, yeah. There’s lots of stories…creepy books…lots of people to torment.

I enjoyed the 2013 Evil Dead film, which was kind of a sequel to the original films, so I am happy to see more Deadites attacking poor innocent humans.

Who would you like to see direct the new Evil Dead film and what do you want to see in it?

Via 1428Elm

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