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Test footage for George Lucas’ Star Wars: Underworld TV show has been released

The video below shows the released test footage from 2010 of the cancelled Star Wars TV show “Underworld,” which was to take place in the lower levels of Coruscant. The series was set after the events of Order 66. The video game “1313” was to be a tie-in of this series. Due to the immense cost of shooting the series, as well as the selling of Lucasfilm to Disney, “Underworld” was delayed and eventually cancelled.

This footage was produced by Stargate Studios (whose VFX resume includes Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, The Orville) in partnership with Lucasfilm. The VFX technology displayed in the making-of portion is Stargate Studios’ impressive real-time rendering Virtual Backlot Live technology.

George Lucas wanted it to be 400 episodes and he had 100 completed scripts according to Geek Tyrant.

I always loved the idea of this show and it is great to see that they did shoot some of it. Maybe it was all done a little too early as today’s technology, especially the digital sets used on The Mandalorian, would probably make it look a lot better. With the success of The Mandalorian, maybe we will eventually get something similar.

What do you think about the test footage?

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