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Secret Cinema signs multi-title agreement with The Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB

First Secret Cinema production under the agreement set to open in London, 2020

Secret Cinema and The Walt Disney Studios today announced a multi-title agreement for Secret Cinema to bring its unique brand of immersive cinematic experiences to some of The Walt Disney Studios’ most iconic films. The first show will premiere in London, UK in 2020.

Secret Cinema is a creative pioneer in the field of immersive cinema and has been thrilling audiences with its special brand of experiences for over a decade, revolutionising the way people experience a film via its ground-breaking event format that reimagines adored film properties. Fusing film with live music, art, theatre and dance, Secret Cinema creates elaborate authentic worlds where the fiction lives and breathes, placing the audience at the heart of the action and celebrating the greatest stories by bringing them to life.

In a Secret Cinema experience, huge spaces are turned into epic worlds where movies are brought to life by a cast of actors who play out storylines and hero moments and entertain thousands of people each night of the production. Audience members are an integral part of the show and become part of the story, from the moment they buy a ticket to when they are assigned a character and are transported into the pre-show narrative. Arriving at the event, the filmgoers step directly into the world of the movie, become their character, uncover secret storylines, and participate as if they were inside the film itself.

Beginning in 2020, Secret Cinema will work with The Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB to bring new immersive cinematic experiences to the USA, creating spectacular events in Los Angeles and New York City, as well as London, UK, with an eye towards future further global expansion.

Matt Deuel, Head of Business Partnerships for StudioLAB, said: “We are excited to bring this innovative and immersive new cinemagoing format to the Walt Disney Studios family, and to be a part of introducing it to new audiences here in the United States. Working with Secret Cinema, we’re able to create a whole new way for fans to engage with some of our most beloved films.”

Max Alexander, CEO, Secret Cinema comments: “Working with The Walt Disney Studios is much more than access to a treasure trove of titles, it’s about bringing together a unique combination of skills and expertise to build ever more authentic and amazing experiences, raising the bar again for what we mean by ‘immersive cinema.’ ”

Katie Davidson, Director of Slate, Secret Cinema comments: “To be given the opportunity to bring some of Disney’s legendary franchises to life is a storyteller’s dream, and our slate of productions over the course of this relationship will see Secret Cinema create truly magical events on both sides of the Atlantic. It has been incredibly exciting structuring this game-changing deal with The Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB team, and we’re excited that the collaboration is going to deliver next-level experiences for both our audiences.”

Further information concerning Secret Cinema’s first Disney production will be revealed in early 2020.

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