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Tangerine Dream’s Influential 1977 Soundtrack to Sorcerer has been re-released on vinyl

Waxwork Records has released the SORCERER Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. Directed by William Friedkin (The ExorcistCruising) and starring Roy ScheiderSorcerer is a 1977 intense, existential thriller that follows four outcasts from varied backgrounds that meet in a South American village. They are then assigned to transport cargos of aged, poorly kept dynamite that is so unstable that it is sweating its dangerous basic ingredient, nitroglycerin. The mounting expense to make the film required the involvement of two major studios, and production was troubled with its various filming locations in multiple countries, oftentimes within dangerous rainforests and raging rivers. Sorcerer was a commercial failure and this has long been attributed to George Lucas’s Star Wars which was released one month earlier, instantly becoming a pop-culture phenomenon and forever changing how Hollywood movies were made. Sorcerer has enjoyed a critical re-evaluation and is now widely considered to be a cinematic masterpiece.

The film’s music by German Krautrock and electronic group Tangerine Dream features the band’s first film score. Before the explosion of electronic and synthesizer-based film scoring prevalent in the 1980’s in movies such as Blade Runner and The Terminator, and before the explosive modern-day interest and revival of successful synth-scored TV series’ and movies such as Stranger Things and Drive, the music to Sorcerer by Tangerine Dream is a wildly influential blueprint and example of how movie scoring could be approached. Director William Friedkin instinctively sensed this during a chance encounter while witnessing a secret Tangerine Dream concert deep within the German Black Forest in an abandoned Church in the mid 1970’s.

From Waxwork’s SORCERER album liner notes by William Friedkin:

“They played for three hours to a mesmerized audience, completely in the dark, their only illumination coming from the little lights on their electric instruments. There were only three members of the band, but the sound they produced was orchestral. They didn’t play songs, just long stretches of rhythmic chords that felt like musical spheres.”

The complete Sorcerer soundtrack by Tangerine Dream has been re-mastered from the original source audio, and pressed to 180 gram “Rainforest Green and Black” swirled vinyl. Features deluxe packaging, old style gatefold jackets with satin coating, exclusive liner notes by director William Friedkin, and new art by Tony Stella.

SORCERER Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Features:

  • The Complete Film Music By Tangerine Dream
  • Re-mastered For Vinyl
  • 180 Gram “Rainforest Green and Black” Swirled Vinyl
  • Exclusive Liner Notes by Director William Friedkin
  • New Art by Tony Stella
  • Deluxe Packaging
  • Old Style Gatefold Jackets With Satin Coating

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