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5 Famous Actors Who Have Ruined Their Careers On Their Own

Une fille facile


Recent news about “La Scandaleuse” reminded us how easily actors who have received worldwide recognition and love have confused him. To get to the starry Olympus and become famous throughout the country – it’s not the most difficult task, but to keep the love of millions of fans and not to go crazy from their attention – that’s what the most difficult. Today we will tell you about the stars who have ruined their careers on their own.


Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle became world-famous after her participation in the TV series “Twin Peaks“. Many have prophesied to Lara a great career in Hollywood. However, David Lynch did not call the actress to shoot in the feature film “Twin Peaks: Fire, walk with me,” as, according to many sources, Lara had too shaken-up character.

The final point of the star’s career was the fact that she started doing plastic surgery, many of which can hardly be called successful. As a result, she turned from an exquisite beauty into an example of unsuccessful plastics. Other topics the press were no longer interested in.


Katherine Heigl

The actress woke up famous after her role in the series “Grey’s Anatomy.” for which she won the “Emmy” award. After the movie “Knocked Up” Heigl has consolidated its success and became one of the most popular and highly paid actresses in Hollywood. However, the rapid fame spoiled the character of the actress, she began to require high fees, constantly scandalized on the set and extremely unflattering in public about his colleagues. In the end, the bad fame won, and Katherine became less and less called to star in good films.


Macaulay Culkin

Everyone remembers the amazing comedy “Home Alone”, which made Macaulay a world-class star. He was nominated for the Golden Globe and received the title of “Child of the Year”. The film was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the comedy that collected the most money in rent. But, unfortunately, his father had a starry disease, and scandals began between Macaulay’s parents. The actor decided to interrupt all filming for the duration of the rift. Meanwhile, from a charming baby Culkin turned into an angular teenager. Against the background of family quarrels this metamorphosis scared away from him a lot of initially positive-minded directors. And in subsequent years, the actor began to abuse everything he could.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay began her career on television when she was still very young, starring in commercials. As a teenager, she played major roles in such famous films as: ”Mean Girls” “Freaky Friday,” and “Herbie: Fully Loaded” The directors were lining up for a young talent, who was praised for his success on a global scale. But the frenzy of popularity and beautiful life seduced Lindsay, and her career slowly derailed.

At first, it was just alcohol, then a passion for more dangerous substances … Lindsay was rehabilitated several times, but the former glory could not return.


Ashlee Simpson

Despite the fact that for a long time Ashley remained in the shadow of her more popular and famous sister Jessica, in 2004 the young singer released her debut album “Autobiography”, which became three times platinum. However, one unpleasant situation happened in her career: Ashlee was invited to the popular Saturday Night Live show, where she was to perform two songs. “Pieces of Me” Simpson sang perfectly, but when she was about to sing “Autobiography”, the voice playback of the previous song played. After this incident, the fans’ confidence was undermined, which affected both her concert attendance and the sales of her second album.


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