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6 Famous Movie Hotels You Can Visit in Real Life

Mystique, beauty, grandeur a hotel with these characters can attract the attention not only of guests looking for a grand stay but also of Hollywood filmmakers searching for the perfect place to shoot the next big hit. While there are several famous fictional movie hotels, for example Betway’s ‘Silver Screen Staycations’, there are many more that are real, working businesses that offer guests a chance to experience some of their favorite movie locations. Here are 5 movie hotels you can book in real life, these five hotels around the world have captured the creative eye of filmmakers and helped blur the line between reality and the fantasy of motion pictures.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Located in the heart of the city, the Park Hyatt Tokyo is the five-star hotel at the center of Sofia Coppola’s Oscar-winning Lost In Translation. Along with its amazing views of the neon lights of central Tokyo and Mount Fuji in the distance, you can also order a glass of Suntory Whisky at the New York Bar in the 52-story skyscraper where Bob (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) first met and began their wild adventure through Japan.

The Hotel: Bellagio Resort & Casino

While the original Rat Pack version of Ocean’s Eleven involved a take-all break-in of several Las Vegas casinos, the 2001 George Clooney– and Brad Pitt–helmed remake was all about one big heist at the Bellagio. You can, dine at the same table at Julian Serrano’s Picasso restaurant where Clooney and Roberts filmed their characters’ tense reunion scene–the table also offers great views of the Bellagio Fountains, and is surrounded by original works by Picasso–and check in to the high-end suites and villas where the lead cast stayed during the shoot, though, so it’s easy to feel like a high roller yourself.

Public Chicago

Chicago is a movie lover’s town, in part thanks to director and native son John Hughes, whose string of films based there in the 80s have cemented the Windy City’s spot in cinematic history. The hotel’s posh screening room features tufted couches, wood-paneled walls, and cozy fur throws, creating one of the most glamorous movie watching experiences you’ll ever have. Wander in to see what’s on-screen, or direct your mini film festival for family and friends during the hotel’s Sunday afternoon Screening Room Takeover.

Hotel Deluxe

The golden age of cinema is alive in Portland courtesy of the art deco style Hotel deluxe, where classy accommodations are sure to thrill. This 130-room spot features plenty of opportunities to indulge your wannabe celeb status, like the “Make It So” button located on every hotel phone to help satisfy your inner diva. Movie buffs flock to the hotel’s semi-regular Pop-Up Cinema nights, held in a private screening room complete with a state-of-the-art projector, 16-foot screen, fabulous gold curtains and plush seating for 36.

The Hotel: Le Bristol Paris

In this 2011 Woody Allen film, main characters are based at the Oetker Collection’s Le Bristol hotel during their Parisian vacation, and when the movie was released, the hotel celebrated the connection, providing themed packages and showing the snap on a loop on the guest-room TV channels. Re-create some of the magic yourself by checking in to one of the Panoramic Suitesand lounging in the elegant lobby.

The Stanley Hotel

Stephen King and his wife stayed the night in room 217 of The Stanley Hotel and it served as the inspiration for The Overlook Hotel in The Shining. However, Stanley Kubrick’s film based on the book wasn’t filmed at The Stanley, though it has served as the filming location of other productions, including “The Shining” miniseries and “Dumb and Dumber.” Many guests at The Stanley report feeling the spiritual energy of past guests and employees. The Overlook is revisited this year on the big screen in the film adaptation of Doctor Sleep, which features Ewan McGregor as a grown-up Danny Torrance.

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