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The Coolest Casino Scenes in Film

From James Bond to the Ocean’s movies, there’s just something thrilling about watching casino scenes from the movies. The dramatic exchanges, the trickery, and the suspense all contribute to those memorable moments from movies that make you want to watch them over and over. And, of course, there are often high stakes at places, with the characters having much to lose.

If you fancy making your own memories at a casino yourself, make sure to check out this online guide to get the most out of your gambling experience. In the meantime, while you have some time to kill, enjoy our list of some of the best casinos scenes in the history of cinema.



In this comedy from 1996, two out-of-work and aspiring actors players by Vince Vaughan and Jon Favreau go to Vegas in a bid to change their luck. After they’ve arrived from a long drive from California, they are in the mood for some action. When they enter the casino, however, they realise that they just might be out of their league. They’re in a room of bikers and old people and yet are dressed like they mean business. Seeing as they’re already there, however, they decide to go ahead with their plan to win some serious moola. They take a seat at the table next to some attractive ladies before realising just how out of their league they are when they lose $300 after doubling down. It’s cringe-worthy yet still funny, and definitely worth a watch.


Rain Man

Another epic scene, this time featuring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. The film won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1988, along with receiving some stunning reviews. Hoffman also won an Oscar for his wonderful performance. Cruise’s car dealership isn’t working out and the two men need to make some money. So Cruise takes his autistic brother with him on a road trip, with the destination being a casino in Nevada in a bid to address their financial issues with blackjack.

The scene is one of the most memorable scenes from one very memorable movie and was even parodied in the 2009 movie The Hangover when Zach Galifianakis wore the same grey outfit as Hoffman’s Rain man and has a pretty wonderful scene of his own. If you’re a film buff, you might see a number of other movies being parodied in the very same scene.


Dr No

This is the movie where we first meet one of cinema’s most legendary characters, 007 himself. Sean Connery, of course, played the original James Bond when he took on science genius Dr No. Bond is at the casino table, where he feels most comfortable, with two other of his trademarks by his side, a vodka martini and a stunning model. This is where we’re introduced to that most famous of introductions: “Bond. James Bond”. In every Bond movie since, there’s been at least one scene at a casino table. In Casino Royale, for example, Daniel Craig is playing baccarat one minute and Texas Hold’em the next, all in a single scene.


This 1995 classic has been referred to by the critics as being among the best casino movie ever. It stars some big-name actors that include Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone, and while there are numerous memorable scenes, the cowboy scene remains a firm favourite among fans. A cowboy puts his feet up on the casino table and won’t take them down for anyone. Ace Rothstein (De Niro) calls security for them to take the cowboy out. It gets crazy from there as security escorts him out, using his head to open the door.


Ocean’s Eleven

The movie features a scene that Hollywood has called one of the best-ever scenes set in a casino. The George Clooney and Matt Damon movie was a remake of the Sinatra movie from the 60s. The two men play hustlers who plan to steal $160mn in cash from three casinos. Unfortunately, for them, not everything goes plain sailing. As they are about to blow up the three casinos’ vaults, Clooney realises that he’s forgotten the batteries for the detonator. While the scene isn’t set on the betting floor, it’s certainly dramatic.

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