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Top 10 Casino Movie Scenes of All Times

Are you a fan of movies involving casinos and gambling and heists with very witty lines and story plots and twists? Then look no further, here is a list of ten casino movie scenes that boy oh boy will blow your mind. If you are not a fan of such movies I hope by the end of this article, the stories therein would have made a believer out of you! The scriptwriters in these movies are nothing short of genius! The actors, on the other hand, are just perfectly aligned to their roles to bring out the authenticity of the scenes!

  1. Goodfellas

The movie Goodfellas is nothing short of suspense and humor. If you’ve watched the movie, I think it is safe to say that the movie is electrifying and interesting in equal measures. In the movie, there is a scene where one of the main characters Tommy Devitto and his cronies were playing poker in a bar. One moment it’s all peace and quiet, the next, Tommy orders a drink and spider (the bartender) does not get the order correctly and ends up bringing a drink to the other guy. This act drives Tommy into a banter, the others didn’t get the seriousness of the situation at first. It was only when Tommy drew his revolver when they appreciated the seriousness of the situation. Tommy then goes ahead and shoot spider in the foot, ordering him to dance!

  1. The Gambler

For those who haven’t watched the movie, it features Kenny Rodgers the famous country music artist playing Brady Hawkes showing Doc Palmer how and when to “fold ‘em” and when to show ‘em”. The movie is “mischievously entertaining” with its best scene being the part where Brady is playing against Doc. In this scene, Brady clearly does not have the cards to win the game but still bluffs. The tension on the table culminates to Hawkes pushing all the chips to the center of the table, after all, the money was his. This is definitely a scene to be captured by online casino sites in the USA in the future, seeing that the movie is not only known but the actor Kenny Rodgers is famous.

  1. Cincinnati Kid

The last scene in this movie is almost similar to the one in the Gambler. The scene shows the Cincinnati kid going against the man in a game of cards. The kid, in this case, is seen to go all in, this is followed by a standoff with the air saturated with tension and suspense. And as some of you might have earlier suspected the kid unveils his hand and wins with a full house. This scene is nothing short of what you’d expect in a high stakes standoff!

  1. Rain Man

For those who have watched rain man you must give it to this particular scene at the casino. Yes, the movie might have its own critics and all, but the casino scene is one of best scenes there is with an outstanding rating of eight stars on IMDb. In this scene, rain man uses his crazy mental ability to count cards. This lands them big wins. The scene kind of makes you wish you had that same mental ability as rain man. There is always something about scenes where the underdogs win. In this movie, I am definitely siding with the underdogs.

  1. Casino Royale

This is one of the best James Bond films that you’ll ever encounter. The casino scene featured four extreme high rollers wagering millions, all going all in. It starts off in a dimly lit casino room, you could instantly sense the fear and tension as the first player goes “six million, all in”. This is followed by the next going five million then twelve, then, wait for it, forty million dollars from the last player! If by this time you were not at the edge of your seat filled with anticipation, I don’t know what will tickle your fancy.

  1. Rounders

If you are a fan of the underdogs you will love this movie. This kid, Mike, goes on and faces this KGB guy on a game of cards with nothing but ten thousand dollars of borrowed money! How he managed to pull that off with a straight face leaves nothing but admiration for the kid.

  1. Lucky You

In this scene we encounter a father asking advice from his son Huck. The genius of a son is able to predict all the cards the hypothetical people have based on the moves made by the players and the cards on the table. He accurately assesses the moves citing percentages and data in terms of advantages one would have and the probability of making a move. With such kind of a mind you don’t need to count cards, you can just beat them all based on probability.

  1. Ocean’s Eleven

The plot is pure genius! If you cannot enjoy the plot, then the banter between the stars will surely keep you entertained. Early in the movie we encounter a scene where Rusty is teaching a bunch of wannabe poker players who happen to be famous TV stars. In the scene the progress was poor and they seemed not to get the game. A few minutes later, Danny Ocean joins the game and starts “bluffing” to call his bluff. Rusty warns the players who instead stayed longer in the game only to lose everything to Dusty who just so happens was not bluffing.

  1. The Hangover

Three friends in Las Vegas after losing their friend and husband-to-be found out that their friend was allegedly held by some Chinese gang lord because they lost his eighty thousand worth of chips. To get their friend back they decided to gamble the little they had to win back the money. Allan Garner, brother to the bride-to-be, and definitely the duff of the crew ends up helping the crew win eighty thousand dollars in one night, thanks to the card counting book he read earlier in the film. The casino scene was simply genius! You’ll definitely get yourself a card counting book after that. Other than the good humor and the excellent scenes the movie sheds light into the nature of male friendships.

  1. 21

21 is a movie featuring MIT students who are recruited by their professor to his team of highly sophisticated card counting and covert signalling team. The team goes on to plunder every single casino in terms of big wins. The casino scenes in this movie are nothing short of epic! The scenes kind of leaves you wondering if such people really exist and if so if you can be one of them.


Despite the large number of casino movies produced, one can never have enough of the unexpected twists and the thrilling plots that comes with every new production. It is, therefore, safe to say that the casino movies are far from being cliché.

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