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Review – Avengers: Endgame – “Jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, legacy-making”

I’ll be honest, you’re going to see ENDGAME whether I write this “review” or not. And rightly so. Much like Game of Thrones and anything else of longevity, the film – and Marvel – have earned that loyalty.

It simply demands to be seen.

So I just wanted to say one thing, I had a debate on Twitter about how I felt Marvel lacked emotional resonance – and if I could pick one thing I wanted to see more of in ENDGAME, it was “heart”.

Just reporting in to say its there in abundance. And it’s somehow the funniest film I’ve seen in a long time, too. And yes, that includes what I think has been a good few years for comedy.

Go in clean, and don’t spoil the endgame. Then let’s debate whether it deserves to sit – not just against Marvel’s pantheon, but against the very top achievements of Snyder and Nolan and DC.

When the dust has settled, people will talk about the Russo Brothers’ achievement for years.

When superhero movies were starting to look a little tubby around the midriff, they found a way to carve out something new. And we’ll always owe them.

I can’t wait to see this again tonight. With my Dad, 11 y/o and friends on who has followed this ten-year journey.

Maybe I’ll spend the whole film watching their jaws drop. This is seriously sensational film making. Comic book, or not.

Jaw dropping, awe-inspiring, legacy-making. I could go all day.

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