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Best Bingo Scenes on the Big and Small Screen

We all love playing bingo. The game of chance isn’t just for grannies anymore. As a matter of fact, since moving online in recent times, young players have been attracted to bingo thanks to the great number of variants that have popped up on the online market.

Online bingo really exploded on the online gaming scene in the past decade or so, with new exciting variants offering faster and better gameplay than standard bingo games. It has become too hard to ignore, especially with land-based bingo operators entering the online gaming industry. Additionally, review websites such as are constantly keeping bingo fans updated on the latest and greatest bingo rooms and games. Due to this and the fact that bingo sites have started adding functionality features such as interactive chat, the online bingo community is growing at a fast pace. With the addition of these features and the constant influx of better bingo games, the online bingo scene will grow even bigger in the future.

Since it’s a game aimed at casual players, bingo isn’t exactly suitable for the big screen. Imagine a casino movie where the protagonist plays the villain a game of bingo instead of high-stakes poker? Doesn’t work, right? That being said, there are many exciting bingo scenes in TV and film history you should definitely watch if you’re a fan of the game. Bingo is wrongfully ignored on the small screen – it’s an underrated game that can be pretty fun. No matter if the actors in these TV shows and movies are poking fun at bingo stereotypes, the scenes are just too good to ignore.

Better Call Saul

AMC’s hit Breaking Bad-spinoff Better Call Saul has one of the best bingo scenes in recent TV history. Everyone’s favorite sketchy lawyer Saul Goodman is calling the numbers for a group of elderly people in order to attract new clients (what else?) in one of the show’s episodes before he makes a mess out of it. You know, just like he does with his job.

Instead of calling the numbers as he should, Saul suffers a one-of-a-kind mental breakdown, going on a rant about his life. It’s a scene that perfectly captures the show’s tone and Saul’s lovable character.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

If you haven’t watched this Larry David masterpiece yet, you’re missing out. The man is a true comedy genius, being praised by a number of his colleagues. Although his humor isn’t intended for everyone, his antics can make you roll on the floor laughing. In one of the show’s better moments, Larry plays bingo with his father. Larry being Larry, he loses his cool after only a few minutes and hilarity ensues.

It’s a true example of David’s genius comedy brand and an example of what to expect of the cult classic. Put it on your must-watch list.

The Simpsons

One of the longest-running TV shows of all time is also one of the funniest. The Simpsons has recently been renewed for its 32nd and 33rd season and apparently has no plans on stopping anytime soon. The public simply loves Homer’s antics and the tongue-in-cheek tone of the show.

With nearly 700 episodes written, The Simpsons have touched on almost all subjects, including bingo. In one episode, retirees are playing bingo but can’t grasp the concept of it. It’s only a short clip, but it showcases all the strengths of the show’s creative writers.

Bad Grandpa

Johnny Knoxville has always been trying to shock viewers and such is his performance in the comedy Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. It is the fourth installment in the Jackass franchise. Unlike the three previous movies, though, it’s much more solid structurally as it connects the stunts and pranks together.

At one point, Knoxville’s character Irving Zissman totally loses it while playing bingo with fellow retirees. Testing everybody’s limits and patience, Knoxville really steals the show. It’s an iconic scene which bingo fans must not miss.

The Babadook

We saved the best for last. The Babadook is a 2014 Jennifer Kent-directed horror movie which was praised for its gloomy atmosphere and taking the genre to a whole new level. Instead of relying on simple jump scares, Babadook shocks with tranquil scenes of horror, differentiating itself from the crowd. It’s a great horror movie with plenty of substance and one that truly redefined the genre.

In one of its strongest scenes, Amelia calls the bingo numbers for the residents of the retirement home where she works. It depicts the movie’s central character perfectly – she tries to have some fun even with a monster hiding back in her home. It shows the monotony of her life and how society punished her, which leads to the…well, we’re not going to spoil it for you.

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