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The fan-made Akira motorbike is all kinds of awesome

Taika Waititi is still involved in bringing a live-action Akira movie to the big screen. While we wait to see how that develops, take a look at this beautiful motorbike made by fans of the anime film and manga.

AKIRA — a work by Katsuhiro Otomo — has won fame worldwide. The iconic blazing-red motorcycle ridden by the hero, Kaneda, symbolizes the world of AKIRA and attracts fans who dream of someday riding such a bike. Two enthusiasts who brought the fantasy Akira Bike to reality are Mr. Tejima, its owner, and Mr. Ushijima, the president of the BSU motorcycle shop. The fabulous bike they produced was officially approved by Mr. Otomo and appeared in the Katsuhiro Otomo Genga Exhibition, where it drew throngs of admirers.

Check out the video below.

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