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Professor Quatermass is returning

Legendary Entertainment is joining forces with Hammer Films to bring back the British science hero Bernard Quatermass.

Originally created by the writer Nigel Kneale for BBC Television in the 1950s. Quatermass is an intelligent and highly moral British scientist who continually finds himself confronting sinister alien forces that threaten to destroy humanity.

The new Quatermass film will be written by David Farr (The Night Manager) and produced by Hammer’s Simon Oakes.

The character has been on TV and film a few times in the past, but it will be good to have him once more.

Quatermass was last on UK screens back in 2005 when BBC Four produced a new version of The Quatermass Experiment. It was transmitted live as the original had been and Jason Flemyng starred as Quatermass.

Jon Silk and Jay Ashenfelter will oversee the production for Legendary.

No word on who will be playing the Professor or what the plot of the film will be, but I look forward to seeing how it develops.

Source: THR

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