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The Everyman Cinema opens in Liverpool this week

I live just over the water from the city of Liverpool (that means I am the other side of the River Mersey for those of you not in the UK) so it is the closest city to me. As I am all about films, it is great to hear that a new boutique cinema is opening this week.

My friend Beth sent me the news that the Everyman Cinema is opening in the city’s Metquarter on Tuesday, 18th December.

Having a look at the official site, they have got a good selection of films and it does look very cool. I may head there this week with my Dad to go and see Robert Redford in The Old Man and The Gun.

It is always good to hear about new cinemas opening up as it is still the best way to experience a movie and this new one looks absolutely lovely.

Here is some more info on it:

One of the most impressive features of the newly refurbished Met Quarter is the grand Victorian façade on Victoria Street. Built originally as the central post office in the heart of Liverpool’s town centre, the venue will now welcome customers into the Everyman cinema situated on the first and second floor.

On entering, a large lounge bar area wraps around the main enclosed stair, making the space rich and inviting. Walls are lined with walnut panelling with inset gold wallpaper and black and white 1950’s film imagery. The lounge has an abundance of velvet covered banquettes and lounge seating, which enhance the luxurious feeling of a trip to an Everyman.

The venue features four unique auditoriums that all vary in style and size but each carefully balances rich colours, textures and patterns to deliver the high level of style and comfort expected from Everyman. There is an intimate private hire bar attached to auditorium 4, featuring striking black and white imagery from the world renowned photographer William Klein.

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