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Some of the best Hollywood Movies of 2018 so far

Movies are the best-time killer and when it comes to Hollywood it is quite difficult to decide which one to watch first. 2018 has been a fantastic year for film – we have had some huge blockbusters, some cool indie movies, and a few flops. Here are just a few of the ones that have been worth checking out so far. help you define which movies are best for you and which are not.


Mandy is about the life of a lumberjack living in the Pacific Northwest around 1983. Nicholas Cage starring as Red in the lead role has given a tremendous performance by portraying the role of a Junkie and Drug addict. It is all about the revenge game of Red, whose loving wife, Mandy, gets murdered by some mutant bikers and Manson-like cult. The story not only has an action significance but also carries the emotional depth. One remains completely drained in the suspense quotient of the movie. Read our review.


The movie plot involves a team of women, including the lead artist Natalie Portman endeavour the quarantined area of Florida. The place also called as Area X is said to be having a series of undesirable events leading to the disappearance of people. Soon the conditions aggravate and it is realized that the whole team may not make out this area alive. The film is about the teamwork and spirit of the group people and their survival adaptations in that territory.

Mission: Impossible Fallout

Tom Cruise is the main attraction of this movie, but it’s not only his pretty face but his acting skills too which have made this movie one of the big hits. With the time the Mission Impossible and its parts have only intensified and each part carries a new task. It is one of the best entry in the super spy series where a hero can either jump off a plane or can be hanging to the side of the cliff. The best part about these stunts is that they are performed by Tom Cruise himself and not a single body double is used.

Black Panther

Black Panther is the product of Marvel Cinematic Studio well-known for its superhero based movies. Chadwick Boseman playing the new king T’Challa and his great ideological conflict with the American revolutionary Killmonger. The take of the movie is basically on the superhero-Dom of the New King and the way by which he leads his kingdom.

Crazy Rich Asians

This movie is a novel based adaptation based on the central romance between a college professor Rachel Chu and a rich brat Nick Young. The story consists of a typical mother who tries her best to separate the lovers by all means but the couple still remains together. The movie’s main showdown is the Mahjong game face-off present at the end which is a white-knuckle gambling scene. This movie because of its rom-com genre can help you change you are under stress mood and relax for a bit.

Ant–Man and the Wasp

This captivating and tantalizing movie is also the production of Marvel Cinematic Studios. Paul Rudd returns in the lead role. In comparison, between both movies the prior part was much superhero type and great action sequences while the latter has much more to it. It not only involves crime fighting scenario but also has comedy part added it. This is the best thing about this movie because it attracts the audience because of its entertainment factor as well.

The Ritual

As the name depicts, this movie is a part of horror genre. We often take woods and forests as the spooky part where one can wander about and get lost. In this digital world, humans have come very far from the nature and have lost its importance. This story is about a middle-aged man who goes on an adventure of hiking to honor his dead friend and make his memories clearer. In this respect, he comes to know about the fear of known and unknown. The hiking group tries its best to keep away from the dangers of the forest but it had something else in store for them.


If you’re the fan of horror and thriller genre, Hereditary is the best option for you. Because it is not something you can just watch and forget. It is a complete package and it gets under your skin as soon as you watch it. Nightmares are on your way sir! The movie is about a family who is not so much together consisting of a wife played by Toni Collete and her distant husband. They also have two children; one daughter and one son. The first 40 minutes of the movie are kind of suspenseful and leads to the stomach-wrenching events.


The best part about this movie is its filming as it has been recorded by iPhone to increase more clarity and intimacy. The lead role of Sawyer Valentine is played by Claire Foy well-known for her amazing acting skills. The story is about a girl who gets admitted in the Mental asylum without her will and bears certain situations including monetary problems.

First Man

This movie is basically a biopic presented on the life of genius and amazing person Neil Armstrong. The movie has been directed by Damien Chazelle himself, with Ryan Gosling as the lead artist. This movie is not only about the Life of Armstrong on moon but has emotional value also added to it. The role played by Gosling is tremendous itself as he has proved his mettle in this part. Read our review.


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