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World War Z sequel to begin filming with David Fincher in 2019

It appears that the dead will rise once more as producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner have confirmed that the sequel to World War Z will begin filming next year.

David Fincher is still attached to direct and Brad Pitt will return to play Gerry Lane. It will be great to see Fincher and Pitt working together once more as they did great things with Fight Club and Se7en.

I can’t wait to see what Fincher does with a zombie film. I did enjoy the first one, although it is not one I’ve ever felt the need to watch again.

I do wish they had embraced the format of the original Max Brooks book and have it more of an anthology kind of thing. It would have worked so much better as a TV show, with each episode focussing on a different person around the world as they deal with the zombie apocalypse.

How do you feel about Fincher directing World War Z?

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