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Sponsored Post: Top 10 Games Based on Movies

Almost everyone’s favourite past time involves kicking back and watching a movie. Gaming developers in their quest to offer players varying options that suit different tastes decided to tap into this theme when creating their games. Thanks to licensing agreements with the film producers, cinema-based themes can feature original lead characters, soundtracks, bonuses, and symbols from iconic films. The titles give gamers something familiar they recognize on the movie screens.

Today, there are countless movie-themed games that people can enjoy in various casinos, including fiz casino. We opted to give our readers a list of the top 10 games based on movies. Read on to uncover the ones that make the cut making your decision-making process a lot easier when you want to exploit these games.

Paranormal Activity

You have probably watched one of the Paranormal Activity movies if you are into supernatural horror. iSoftBet took inspiration from these movie series to develop a slot machine for the movie lovers and other players as well. The game features 243 winning ways, multipliers, and numerous free spins that can help to make your bank account a lot fatter. This makes sure that you are not as terrified when playing as you would be when watching.

The Dark Night Rises

This is a popular slot that has managed to capture the attention of many players who love the suspense and thrill that the classic film delivers. Microgaming delivers the epic Warner Bro movie offering gamers 243 winning ways on five reels. You can go on an adventure with the fight mode feature where Batman gets an opportunity to face off his enemy Bane for multipliers and spins availed at no cost. Gamers have loads of fun with this 3D that appears to be as realistic as they get.

Jurassic Park

Back in 1993, Jurassic Park was a major hit in the big screen. It, therefore made sense for software developers to introduce casino games with this theme. You can find both old and new versions allowing you to choose the one that you feel will deliver the best experience. You may want to set aside some time to play because the impressive musical score and graphical quality found in the slot will entice you to play for long. With a multiplier trail, hundreds of wings ways and other fun features, it is a game to look out for.

Terminator 2

This Hollywood futuristic sci-fi blockbuster has a huge following. It comes a no surprise that Microgaming opted to produce a slot based on the movie. It comes with symbols that you can easily recognize and various enjoyable special features to enhance your gaming experience.


Game developers are always turning to film for inspiration as a means of attracting new players. Avengers is one of the movies that was used to create a slot casino game. This offers the excitement of the Marvel Comics film with crystal clear sound effects, brilliant graphics, and seamless software. The action in the slot will take you on an incredible adventure as you interact with Marvel superheroes like Chris Hemsworth and Samuel L. Jackson.

King Kong

This is a unique game that has two game modes. The jungle mode sees gamers explore the wilderness while the New York City mode takes you through the Big Apple. All the game modes have their own re-spin features as well as bonus rounds and multipliers. As you go along, you will be treated to fast-paced montage videos from the 1993 King Kong movie to make things more exciting.


The comedy classic just had to features on the list of movies where game developers got an idea for creating a funny slot. Microgaming, in particular, opted to create a game with multiple money-making features that avail numerous cash prizes, side games, free spins, and stacked wilds. There is plenty of humour for both ladies and gents who decide to play this game.

The Mummy

The Mummy is a movie that was released by Universal Studios. Playtech powers the slot that comes with 25 paylines and a total of 5 reels. The game is full of symbols from Ancient Egypt. Landing on winning combinations trigger movie clips that appear in exceptional quality. Be sure to pick the right path during the bonus games or face the wrath of the mummy who returns from the dead.


The movie interestingly depicts the story of the underdog. Sylvester Stallone was the writer and director of the movie. Interested players get an opportunity to fight against Apollo Creed a heavyweight champion. Knock out rounds also avail the option of fighting with other opponents. Enjoy double payouts and free spins as motivation to continue winning against your “enemies”.


Movie themes appear in casino games for numerous reasons. Among them is the fact that the market receives them well. Ghostbusters is another example of a hit movie that was converted into a casino game. It has an interesting gameplay where players try to eliminate ghouls and ghosts in New York. The slot boasts of an extensive range of features and symbols that are based on characters and action of the 1984 movie.

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