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What can we look forward to once Chili gets to the UK?

We are living in an age where entertainment is at our fingertips. Believe it or, but there used to be a time when you had visit a shop and rent DVDs or VCR tapes of your favourite movies, bring them back home and then watch it at long last. All seems prehistoric right?

The internet revolutionized the entertainment industry and gave the viewers the power to watch anything and everything at their own leisure. Any movies or TV series can now be bought online or can be watched by adopting subscription plans on streaming websites. Websites like these realized the value of their services in the present and future and began appearing on the internet all around the world.

Chili is like most online streaming services but offers another layer of flexibility that separates it from the bunch. Most online streaming platforms ask you to get a subscription even before you can browse their collection. Although there are a few who lets you look at their stuff but you would still require a subscription to actually see any of it. In other words, you have to pay for something you probably won’t want. Don’t get me wrong, a subscription is a good deal, but many people don’t like to pay for something they might never end up seeing. Movie and TV series lovers alike have been yearning to hear the words, ‘Chili gets to UK’ and now, the moment has finally arrived.

Chili is yet another website that offers digital entertainment, without the limitations of its competitors. At Chili you have to pay for the things you need, no subscriptions required. After finishing your registration which, by the way, doesn’t require any card details, you are free to go through their entire catalog. Pick whatever you want and get billed accordingly. No extra fees, no recurring deductions, no termination of services at the end of a month of the year.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there! Aside from being just a place where you can buy digital media, Chili offers other services as well such as:

  • Movie previews along with the reviews of the viewers who have watched said movie. The feature is quite convenient since you don’t have to google every movie before buying. Nor do you have to look up comments regarding said movie. The information is right there at your fingertips.
  • Local movie times based on your location. The website uses geolocation to detect where you are and provide a list of all movie theatres within a 100km radius. Pretty convenient right?
  • Access to a merchandise store housing all your favorite movie and TV series props. This is a dream deal for enthusiasts who like collecting cool dresses or gears belonging to their favorite movies. There is a wide array of the collection to choose from that will surely blow your mind.

Chili is a collection of some of the best digital content out there and everything is available in both digital and DVD format in Full HD quality. So the next time someone asks why should it matter to you if Chili gets to UK, you will know what to say.

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