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Sponsored Post: Movie Based Online Slot Games

Today there are several themes used by casino software developers as the plans for their slot games. You can find slots based on historical events, animal-themed slots, and even alien-themed online casino games but the movie-themed slot games allowed by the film companies gain a large part of the present video slots. With the aid of movie slots, you can increase your good responses after watching the movie itself and make the ticket price back along the process. In the movie-themed games collections by several developing companies, you can get both all-time-favorite movies and the latest box office successes that have just been released.

A trademark of the movie-based casino slots is that they have recognized film business permissions and can lawfully use the movie elements in the gameplay. That’s why the games will feature the real movie music track and the movie actors as the slot game symbols. Some of the games can also have small portions of the movie preventing the gaming process from generating the full-immersion into the movie. When the movie has a few series, it’s highly probable that there will also be some parts of the slot game so you can begin from the first one and slowly reach to the next parts getting all the winnings on your way.

One of our favorite categories of online slots is those with a movie based theme. Publishing recognized titles is all the trend at the moment amongst the influential developers, and it is us, the players that profit from it. Of course, some developers have been producing big brands to the reels for higher than others, with IGT in appropriate well recognized for their movie and television themed slots that can be observed all over Las Vegas and beyond.

Some firms have taken a little longer to reach on, but the outcome is an excellent line-up of games including loads of different styles. The simple fact is that if you’re a fan of a particular movie that achieved popularity, there’s almost certainly a slot based on it!

So what are the most favorite movie-themed casino slots? It’s difficult to choose one, but we would start playing this sort of games from the Jurassic Park slot by Microgaming. The good graphics of the game with productive features such as Mystery Multipliers and Spilt Wilds will make a great opportunity both for dino-lovers and the players who have never seen this movie. If you admire this movie style slot machine, you should also play the Mummy by Playtech based on the same-named thriller. The graphics here are much milder, but the game gives great bonus rounds preferably. The movies about superheroes are released every year, and therefore are the superheroes-themed slots. It implies that now you can play slot games with your favorite Avengers roles as game symbols or track the Batman to discover the hidden treasures in Gotham.

What Oscar-Winning Movies Have Slots Games Based On Them?

We include at least five Oscar-winning movies in slots: Forrest Gump, Gladiator, Rocky, Titanic, Braveheart. Of these, the most interesting is Titanic, which includes an excellent half-dozen bonus points and a 100,000x jackpot payout. The most interesting is probably Rocky, though you’ll be dismissed that iconic theme song. And no, we have no evidence why Forrest Gump, Braveheart and especially the brutal Gladiator even acquired the trophy.

Everyone appreciates a great movie, and gratitude to a variety of uniquely themed Playtech powered slot games you will be ready to relive your memoirs of an array of movies by relaxing down to play any movie based slots.

For the best gaming experience, we would recommend you to consider playing these slots at the downloadable casino sites, for by doing so you will find loads of additional gameplay option settings on which you can tailor your preferable type of gaming sessions.

You can play the following movie based slots in full-screen modes which will offer you an exciting sort of slot spinning sitting for with exciting graphics plus examined sound effects that make sure you turn up the sound to get the best playing activity.

  • The Love Guru Slot – The Love Guru is a romantic drama provided by Paramount Pictures in 2008. The movie star Mike Myers is an American grown outside of the U.S. by gurus passing to break into the self-help business. His first job is to help a famous hockey player with his fanciful problems after his wife left him for another athlete and as you might suppose with any Mike Myers movie, the end is very entertaining.

The slot takes several phases of the movie onto the reels. You’ll find several characters from the movie on the reels including Dick Pants (John Oliver), Coach Punch Cherkov (Verne Troyer), Guru (Ben Kingsley) and Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco). Surprisingly the main character of the film played by Mike Myers doesn’t arrive on the reels. The reels are set in a stimulant purple block, and the non-character symbols are bright and bold, addressing the slot very easy on the eye. Usually, when playing a movie based slot, you’ll have the portion of the soundtrack playing everywhere; though, the standard game highlights just the clunking sound of the reels.

  • Rocky Slot – As there were quite many films starring Sylvester Stallone as the boxing legend that was Rocky Balboa then it was only to be supposed that Playtech would release a slot based around the film.

Once Playtech launched their multiple pay lines, the multi-stake Rocky slot they soon discovered it was one of their all-time common played slot games in all casinos accepting their gaming program. With the abundance of unique playing highlights one of which is a probably enormous paying free spins bonus game, you will have lots of fun, winning chances and drama whenever you launch this game and give it a spin online.

  • Pink Panther Slot – One slot game that we can promise you will have loads of fun playing is the cartoon and film themed Pink Panther slot which is one of Playtech’s 40 payline slots providing one of the best playing compositions around.

This game appears with a huge number of randomly awarded bonus features, and in addition to being able to trigger them, you could also win one of two huge jackpots. All of the familiar personalities found on the Pink Panther movies are on the reels of this game as symbols, and they carry both Pink Panther himself and the hapless if not practically worthless Inspector Clouseau.

  • Wizard of Oz – The title, the Wizard of Oz, will remind you of the enormously popular movie so that you will be familiar with the casts. This is a game in which you will meet Dorothy and the other actors which she meets during her experiences in the Land of Oz. They are the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. This slot game by Williams Interactive, with 30 paylines, will attract you and will bring back thoughts of the classic film. Of course, your gaming will be action-packed so that each spin can amaze you. You will be mainly influenced by the actions of Glinda the Witch, the beautiful witch who is the equivalent of the wicked one, the Witch of the West. Glinda may appear falling on the reels very frequently, so one of the reels or even more than one reel will go wild. Imagine seeing the whole board going wild that is an exciting opportunity.

You can enjoy the perks caused on by Glinda, who is the good and worthwhile witch. You can notice that this slot by Williams Interactive is as magnificent and great fun as the movie, and the awards and wins you will get are powerful enough to move you to play.

  • The Phantom of the Opera Slot – This fantastic musical turned into a brilliant slot thanks to Microgaming. Like many other games, listed here, this slot has 243 pay-lines as well. What’s more, it also has a tremendous collection of delicious special options, including generous multipliers and great free spins. A unique feature, called the Music of the Night, gives you ten free spins and wild features. Masquerade feature gives you a bonus with three levels and All I Ask feature gives you ten free spins together with Dancing Wilds.

Every gambler, who will try this game, will become the real Angel of Music.

  • Jurassic Park – Jurassic Park is a 5-reel video slot game, also featuring 243 ways to win system and an interesting theme related to the famous Jurassic Park movie. This is the perfect slot game for all fans of dinosaurs and the movie. Except for vivid graphics, there are also great sound effects and a wide variety of impressive features.

The players will recognize the faces of the famous movie characters on the reels including Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm and others. Along with those symbols, there are also various kinds of dinosaurs. Players are free to bet from 1 to 10 coins, as well as to enjoy the T-Rex Alter Mode feature, the free spins feature, and more great features.

  • Monty Python’s Spamalot Slot – For one of the weirdest slot games you could ever wish to play online then we recommend you select a Playtech powered casino site at which to play then launch their Monty Python’s Spamalot slot game, for a boy this one is a fun slot game.

The music effects are striking as are the animated reel symbols and graphics and with a jackpot, combined bonus and extra free spins round anything could, and to be frank more than expected will happen when you give it a try.

  • Bridesmaids Slot – Companies, designing games for online casinos, love horror and sci-fi movies, as we’ve already noted. But they also love comedies, and Bridesmaids slot is a great prove. This movie was called the most famous one in the female comedy section in 2011. The slot keeps its ironical environment and offers special features, which make the gameplay interesting and fun. First of all, it’s a Wheel of Fortune feature, and secondly, it’s different types of free spins. You’ll never get bored while playing this ironical slot.
  • Paranormal Activity Slot – This slot is offered by iSoftBet and based on a popular horror movie of 2007. The game provides different free spins modes and 243 ways to win. The kinds of free spins include possessed spins, paranormal spins and demons spins. What’s more, the slot is filled with great multipliers, instant wins, and extra wilds, which depend on the kind of free spins you’ve triggered.

As you can see this game is somewhat fair, but don’t forget that it’s based on a good horror movie, so you’ll be surely scared!

Whether you’re a fan of horror, comedy, action, romantic or classics, you’ll never be unhappy with the range of cutting-edge slots that you can find from all the top software companies today. You’re sure to enjoy the movie-themed slots on this list, whether you play them or not in person or online, try them all and see which you prefer.

The greatness of the theme in online slot games goes beyond mere appearance. Some movie lovers like action movies, others like romantic movies. Some readers prefer pulp story; others prefer serious nonfiction. In a similar style, different online casino players have different basic tastes and therefore approach towards slot games where present themes are matching with their attitude. This enables online gaming software providers to create niche markets for their slot games with a dedicated customer following.

We hope you’ll have a wonderful time spinning the reels of these slot games and especially playing them for real at the online casinos that feature them. Let’s hope, that your favorite movies will bring you very-very much luck in these slots. Good luck, have fun and don’t forget to tell us all about your experience and thoughts!

Don’t forget to gamble responsibly.