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Gaming Wars – Desktop vs Mobile – Who Is The Winner?

In the past, desktop was always the first choice for any gamer, as desktops have a bigger, better screen and faster processing speeds, as well as the worry about a battery dying not being an issue that needs to be considered. Now though, mobile technology has advanced so rapidly that the choice between a mobile and a desktop for gaming is no longer a simple choice, especially for those casual gamers, who don’t need hours of uninterrupted gaming at one time.

Desktops still have the edge of course when it comes to power and speed of processing. Their performance and graphics capabilities mean that any serious gamer is still likely to choose to play games on their desktop. They also don’t need to worry about data and wi-fi issues now, as the internet has evolved a lot since the days of dial-up. Mobile gaming is increasing though, especially in the millennial generation of gamers, who are comfortable with new technologies and often prefer now to play their games on the go.

The developments in mobile technology, means that games can now be played with amazing graphics on a handheld device and the introduction of various games like Candy Crush and Pokemon Go, has seen a massive increase in the numbers of those opting to play on their mobiles. Mobile casinos are also an example of the growing trend of mobile first for gaming and many are now choosing to create optimized websites and apps to let their customers enjoy their casino games like video slots on the go. mFortune is one of the leading mobile casinos in the business and their continued success is proof the mobile option is a growing trend.

In conclusion, desktop and mobile are both winning in the gaming world at present, however it is likely that in the near future mobile gaming is going to take the lead. Those dedicated gamers, who always want to be completely immersed within their games and feel like they have been transported to another world are going to continue to choose desktop over mobile. But mobile gaming will continue to grow, as technology continues to improve, the choice will just get better for the generation of gamers who want to play on the go or for a few minutes whilst bored on their commute to work. If you are a developer however looking to create a new game; it is definitely worth now looking at mobile, as mobile games are now bringing in more revenues than traditional games.

Will the gaming world becoming so mobile centric that even the most hardcore of gamers will revert to it yet to be seen? There will need to be ways developed though to immerse players fully within mobile gaming before this can happen. It is feasible though that this could happen with the integration of technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash.

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