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So Solid Crew: The Movie

The 00s may be well and truly over, but it’s a nostalgic decade for many millennials. The music, fashion and even TV of the decade has come around again – and now there’s news that we might have a movie on the way about one of the biggest bands of the decade.

So Solid Crew was the 30-strong garage group which took the UK charts by storm with hits like 21 seconds and Ride Wid Us. Some of its most recognisable members were Lisa Maffia, represented by top talent agency MN2S, along with Romeo and Harvey.

Before hitting the mainstream, the group made it big on pirate radio station Delight FM, where they made their name with ‘So Solid Sundays.’ Various members of the group presented shows between midday and 10pm, meaning that they were famous in the garage scene long before they were big in the charts.

Their eventful rise to fame would surely make for a good screenplay; the driving force behind hit single 21 seconds was said to be ensuring that every member of the band appeared in the video. This ensured that fraudsters could not get away with claiming to be in the band!

Although they’ve been absent for the charts for the last year, Lisa Maffia revealed the news of a movie last year: “So Solid Crew aren’t over, we’ll never be over. We’re not done at all. We do collectively get together and do shows together. And we’ve got a movie in the pipeline as well, we’ve got a So Solid Crew movie coming up and it’s all about the history of the group.”

She’s been focusing on her own music lately, and playing gigs and festivals all over Europe, but Lisa Maffia has definitely still got it. If you’re interested in adding some nostalgic garage vibes to your next gathering, get in touch with MN2S to book Lisa Maffia.

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