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Looks like Duncan Jones is going to make a Rogue Trooper movie

Oh, sweet 2000AD! So many great characters and it has only really been Judge Dredd that has broken through to the big screen. I recently posted a short fan film featuring Rogue Trooper, a favourite of mine from the comic book.

It now appears we will be seeing Rogue along with Bagman, Helm and Gunnar in a full feature.

The comic story follows the adventures of Rogue, a “Genetic Infantryman”, a genetically created, blue-skinned, manufactured super soldier and his three comrades’ search for the Traitor General. His comrades are in the form of biochips – onto which a G.I.’s entire personality is downloaded at the time of death for later retrieval – and are named Gunnar (mounted on Rogue’s rifle), Bagman (on his backpack) and Helm (on his helmet). He is genetically engineered to be immune to almost all known toxins, can submerge in strong acid unaffected, and is able to withstand a vacuum in his bare skin.

Duncan Jones (Moon, Warcraft, Source Code, Mute) had mentioned he was going to make a comic book movie. He has now shared this on Twitter, which pretty much confirms it is going to be Rogue Trooper.

“For years now, I have felt a sting as Marvel and DC have poured out their entire comic roster into film. Wonderful for their fans, but every new release I silently scream ‘Where’s all the 2000 AD?!’ I’m so excited to finally be able to right that wrong and bring Finley-Day and Gibbons’ Rogue Trooper, a seminal British spun war yarn, to the big screen!” said Jones.

“Rogue Trooper has always been one of my favourite old school thrills from 2000 AD,” added Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion. “I’m very happy to be working closely with Duncan and Stuart on this project and look forward to seeing the results on the silver screen.”

“The first time I met Duncan he had a Mohawk – I’m tickled pink to see he’s now brought it back with a full-on Nu blue,” said Chris Kingsley, Co-founder and CTO of Rebellion. “It shows his unique level of commitment and passion for Rogue Trooper, and that’s why we’re so excited to be working with him and his legions.”

I am so happy. Such a great character, lots of cool stories and so much potential for an amazing film.

What do you want to see in a Rogue Trooper film? Should it be an origin story or just kick in mid-point? Who should play Rogue?

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