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Sponsored Post: Why Empire is the world’s biggest movie magazine

Empire magazine was first published back in July 1989. That was 29 years ago! Live for Films is 10 years old next week! As always time seems to be flying by.

As well as the films themselves, it was Empire magazine that became my bible back in the days long before the Internet reared its wonderfully weird and occasionally scary head. It was the main source of all the proper movie news and reviews that I needed. They didn’t deal with all the frivolous gossip of which actor was dating who, and what crazy things they were up to. Instead, it dealt with the current crop of films mixed in with great articles about forgotten classics, Hollywood legends and oh so much more.

Empire Issue 1

There were always a few issues in my bedroom when I was younger, but they often got passed around to friends. I remember a few people who had huge stacks of back issues. The lovely white spines featuring random movie quotes making a statement on their commitment to film.

Then the World Wide Web exploded along with life doing what life does and to save what little money I had at the time, I had to say farewell to Empire magazine. Then some of my friends said “stop emailing me all this movie news stuff. Just put it on a blog!”

Ten years later, here we are. Yet Empire magazine has always been there. I’d still get the occasional issue when travelling to screenings, press conferences and interviews and it has always been an enjoyable read and it has always been trustworthy. Good writers, interesting articles and great features mean it is still on top of its game.

Obviously, if Live for Films produced its own magazine it would give Empire a run for its money, but I will let them have their moment. I jest, but in this day and age it is reassuring that a print magazine is still holding its own against the digital world. You can get a digital subscription to Empire, but having been sent a few back issues to look over (the ones with the lovely subscriber only covers) I realised that having that physical item in your hands is still so much better.

Sat in the garden in the wonderful weather we have been having in the UK, I was once again transported to my youth, reading over reviews of films (some I had seen, some were added to my list) and learning snippets of trivia I could bore people with later.

Upon seeing the magazines, my Mum picked them up and said, “I’ve not read this in ages,” and borrowed them to look through. That led to us talking about some of the films mentioned.

It started conversations and was great for just flicking through the pages until something caught your attention.

Recording an episode of the After the Ending podcast last night, I talked about the magazine with my co-host Mike Spring. He too loves the magazine. As he lives in the US he can’t always get a physical copy, but he spoke about how much he also loved it. I know he is not the only one.

Great that a British magazine is well thought of around the world.

You get the idea. Empire magazine is almost as cool as Live for Films, but Empire is much better to take out and about with you and look through while drinking the beverage of your choice!

If you’ve not read it in a while, you can order a subscription below and also get a 10% discount.

Thanks for reading.

Click here to subscribe to Empire

If you use the code LIVEFILM you will also get 10% off your subscription for any order over £24.

It is valid on all print, digital and package magazine subscriptions.

Full disclosure, if you order a subscription via that link we do get a small commission. As it is helping out Live for Films and makes no difference to you then I hope that is all okay.

T&C’s: 10% OFF any order over the value of £24. This voucher code expires on 13/06/2019

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