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How to prepare for a Netflix binge marathon

Whether you’ve clocked off after a hard day at work or you’re making plans for the weekend ahead, there’s few things in life more fun, relaxing and satisfying than a Netflix binge-a-thon. Kicking back with some good friends, great food and maybe even a cheeky glass of wine is fast becoming one of the world’s most treasured past times. With the number of seriously binge-worthy Netflix series now available, settling in for a weekend marathon has become easier than ever before. However, hosting the ultimate Netflix marathon requires a certain amount of finesse and requires some thought if you want the best viewing experience possible. Here’s your complete guide to preparing for the best Netflix binge marathon.

Getting Comfortable

A memorable marathon requires the right vibe and a comfortable atmosphere, conducive to burning through every season of Orange is the New Black with your nearest and dearest. So getting the right set-up is absolutely crucial. Rather than just sitting down in your usual spot and firing up the laptop, put a little thought into atmos. Arranging some comfy seating should be your first port of call: for the ultimate sink-in experience, whip out the beanbags, get plenty of cushions and, of course, some snuggle-friendly blankets – you could even opt for the ultimate comfort provider, the infamous Snuggie. Once the furniture is on-point, switch on those fairy lights, close the curtains and optimise the viewing experience with a projector or wide-screen TV.

Eating Right

When it comes to making the most of your Netflix binge session, food is probably the most important aspect of all. From gut-busting pizzas to sticky and sweet brownie boxes, you’ll need comfort during those emotional scenes in How to Get Away with Murder. A Netflix binge is a marathon in every sense, so be smart and make sure you’ve ordered enough to keep you going and to share with whoever is privileged enough to join you on your viewing journey. Once you’ve ordered in the perfect treats from Deliveroo, the rest of your marathon should be plain sailing, as you can munch your way through hours and hours of prime viewing.

Company is Key

The right company can make or break your Netflix binge, so make sure you’ve invited the right people to join you in this sacred activity. It’s about more than just making sure you get along with the viewing crew: you need to know you’re with people who won’t talk their way through the most intense scenes of Thirteen Reasons Why and will cry alongside you at all the right moments. You want a squad that has the same food cravings but won’t hog the brownies or steal the last pizza slice. Once you’ve assembled your perfect Netflix dream team, the rest can take care of itself.

If you have any tips on crafting the perfect Netflix binge marathon, let us know in the comments!

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