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Chili – The new pay-per-view streaming service hits the UK

I was going to start this post by quoting Tom Hanks in Big singing “Chili, Chili, Cocoa Pop” from The Ice Cream Song. However, it had been a while since I had seen the film, so watching on the new Chili streaming service (which is new to the UK), I realised I was misremembering the song. It is of course “Shimmy, Shimmy, Cocoa Pop,” and that is my lesson for the day!

It is strange how your memory of certain film moments change over the years – Tom Cruise didn’t wear sunglasses in the dance scene during Risky Business, the word Ewok is never mentioned in Return of the Jedi, and the fact we still recognize C-3PO despite him having a silver leg in the original Star Wars movies!

Don’t get me started on the film quotes many of us get wrong.

Told you!

Obviously, the way to combat our failing memories is to keep watching as many films as possible to keep things fresh in your mind. If you are a regular reader of the site then I am sure you already do that.

If you are constantly searching for new ways to watch films then Chili is another one to try out and I have personally been very impressed with the selection they have on offer.

In the ever-expanding world of film / TV streaming it is hard to decide which one to go for. It is entirely down to you and you probably already subscribe to a few of them. However, Chili is a pure pay per view service, which may be the way to go for some of you. That can be most helpful when you don’t want the monthly payment and just fancy dipping into the latest film releases and TV shows.

Here is what they have to offer:

  • information and reviews about cinema previews
  • all the new releases in digital form, months before pay TV
  • a catalogue of thousands of digital films, TV series, DVDs and Blu-Ray
  • the possibility to buy together original merchandising of your favourite Character and choose gadgets from the films.
  • CHILI proposes a wide library of titles thanks to the agreements with the most important production companies, local distributors and indie labels.
  • CHILI is available on Smart TVs, Blu Rays, PCs, tablets and smartphones. There are no monthly or activation costs, a pure pay per view movie experience.

My one problem is that having looked through lots of the films and TV shows on there I have yet another list of things to watch and not enough time!

What movie scenes do you misremember?

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