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The Joker Isn’t the Most Terrifying Supervillain

Heath Ledger will go down in history as the greatest Joker to ever grace the screen. Everyone in the world loved his performance. People who don’t even like superhero movies were praising his masterpiece. Unfortunately, it’s caused a lot of confusion.

For some strange reason, fans seem to think the Joker is the greatest supervillain ever. It’s sad because he isn’t actually very terrifying. There are a lot more worthy candidates out there. Let’s look at why the Joker sits somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Nobody Finds Clowns Incredibly Scary

What do you see when you look at the Joker costume? It’s a grown man trying to dress up like a clown. A small percentage of children don’t like clowns when they’re young, but adults find it hard to take a circus clown supervillain too seriously.

Instead, they’re seen as kind of goofy. Over the years Joker has become more sinister and creepy, but there isn’t much you can do with clowns. Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger nailed it, but I don’t remember Jared Leto or Pennywise giving fans goosebumps.

Utterly Fixated on Killing One Guy

Supervillains usually have a grand plan to bring a city to its knees. They will want to make as much money as possible. Sadly, they will also want their death toll to break records for years to come. The Joker is a simple man who really only wants one thing.

It’s his duty to mess around with Batman. The clown doesn’t even want to kill him because he enjoys playing around with his prey too much. Why would you be scared of someone who only has eyes for the toughest hero in town? You would only be in danger as a result of bad luck.

The Joker Isn’t Even Very Powerful

Some supervillains have superpowers, so you do need to be careful. Especially if they enjoy murdering innocent people when they feel like it. Most human villains are extremely powerful, so heroes like Batman will have a tough time dealing with them.

The Joker is an ordinary guy with no strength whatsoever. He doesn’t really carry big weapons around. The most you’ll usually see is a long knife. Batman has good fights with him in movies, but in all honesty, he could beat him to a pulp within minutes.

You Need a Strong Team to Help You

Batman and lots of other heroes have a team to help out. The Avengers pull all their superheroes together to take on the bad guys. The Joker is a complete loner and nobody really follows him. He doesn’t have an army to stand up to everyone in Gotham.

Ra’s Al Ghul has the League of Shadows to help destroy the city. Bane has an army of dedicated henchmen. Even Shredder relies on a rhinoceros and wild boar. It’s hard to see the Joker doing anything except maximize his fun before he is pulverized.

There Are More Intelligent Villains

The only reason people believe the Joker stands any chance of defeating Batman is because of his brain. He definitely knows how to manipulate minds, which scriptwriters have used to their advantage. Still, there are more intelligent villains out there.

Take a look at Lex Luthor because the guy is 100% human, plus he is a supervillain. Lex has to battle against an alien from a different planet with superpowers. And still, in most cases he does a better job of dealing with Superman thanks to his brain.

The Joker Is Still a Great Villain

It’s obvious the Joker is a pretty special villain. He just gets too much credit because a wonderful actor did such a great job in one movie. If these characters were real he wouldn’t stay alive for very long in Gotham.

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