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Convenience is The Name of The Game

UK viewers love their movies with film and TV show streaming services becoming ever more important to the way viewers want to watch their content.

We can all enjoy the free platforms from the country’s big broadcasters like ITV Hub, and BBC iPlayer, rental, digital subscription and purchase services fill the void left by those that mainly trade in physical media.

Being able to stream all the latest viewing entertainment instantly far outshines buying the latest Blu-rays or DVDs from your local store or supermarket, and of course, sometimes you can watch the film before it has actually come out on either of the disc formats.

Streaming services can also be the best way to get that fix of 2160p content even though 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays are available, the only problem is, which are the best?

Netflix offers a great range of movies and TV shows, and there are a number of series that ate exclusive to the platform, some being funded by Netflix itself.

With only a few exceptions, the user interface of Netflix is standardised meaning that users get a similar experience no matter which platform is used. You can also store favourite shows and film for future viewing with the ability to set up different profiles, being able to get personalised recommendations for every member of the family individually, which includes a children’s section available as a different home screen.

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video also offers a subscription based streaming service and for Amazon Prime subscribers it comes as a default extra, with a whole lot of Amazon-based incentives as well. Mobile viewing is available for offline viewing with some of the Amazon Prime membership content available for downloading for offline viewing as well.

In fact, just like our neighbours or those further afield we in the UK enjoy the convenience of streaming movies, tv shows, music and games. Being able to access a game for instance, when and where you want whether that is in the queue when commuting to work or even whilst taking a bath has become important.

We all lead busy lives and having the opportunity to take a few minutes out to enjoy ourselves during our day can assist in de-stressing certain situations enabling us to carry on with renewed vigour.

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