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Cool Short: CHiLD 442

My friend Sam worked on this short sci-fi film while at Liverpool John Moores University.

Child 442 is the story of a dystopian world where the grass does not grow anymore. Child 442 (Vene Fiol) searches for the ‘Greenlands’ where she believes her mother Frankie (Amy Cowap) is located. However, cyborg Ronin (Adam Hickey/Kieran Jones) has been sent to capture her.

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A Science-Fiction film made by Liverpool John Moores University students:
-Amy Cowap (Director/Writer/Actor)
-Melina Fiol (Producer)
-Kieran Jones (Cinematographer/Editor/Actor)
-Sam Palmer (Cinematographer/Editor)
-Jenna Jaafri (Sound Technician/Sound Design)

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